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Can you think of a comic book villain with the first name “Sarah”?

Asked by Caravanfan (13387points) September 20th, 2019
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Asking for a friend. Not a real villain but someone specifically from comic books. Like “Harley”.

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Marrow was part of the Morlocks.
But ended up with Weapon X.

Does that count?

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Not from a comic book, but the Goa’uld Osiris took an archeologist named “Sarah Gardner” as its host.

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Yeah thanks. It’s hard. I couldn’t think of a good one either

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Sarah Conner…Aliens
Not sure if in Comics?

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Sarah Connor isn’t bad.
She’s badass.

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Thanks everybody

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Just to clarify Sarah Connor is in Terminator not Alien. Alien has Ellen Ripley. As for comic villain only one I could find was Sarah Rainmaker from Gen13

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@majorbacon Thanks. Pretty obscure but that’s how obscure the question is.

Okay, time to explain. I have a friend who has a kid named Lex. I have another friend with a kid named Sarah. Sarah was complaining that Lex had the cooler name because there is a villain named Lex and there were no villains named Sarah. She was bummed, so I thought I’d use the collective wisdom to see if y’all could find someone.

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