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Is there a possibility that Joshua Brown was shot to death by a Dallas police officer in vengeance for being a witness?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32063points) October 6th, 2019
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That sent Amber Guyger to jail for ten years?


There are no coincidences.

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Is he the same neighbor that video taped her as she paced outside the apartment after she murdered a man? If so, it was reported at some point that he had received death threats for recording her and had to move.
So I do think it is in connection to the trial.

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It sounds as though the cart is before the horse here somewhat…

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Anything is possible, but nothing that I have read indicates that might be the case. At the same time, I wouldn’t be shocked to read that as tomorrow mornings headlines

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Seems like that should’ve been done before he testified.

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@elbanditoroso I assume you mean that Joshua Brown was shot by someone else (some other police officer) other than Officer Guyger? (I’m sorry, but your question wasn’t too clear…)

I think it was just coincidence.

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I suspect he was killed in retaliation, by the police.

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I agree.

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I have to say. When I first read the article, I thought it could have been some type of retaliation.
Brown allegedly, had no enemies, no relationships with criminals, and was a stand up guy. It makes little sense, he would be ambushed, and shot to death. Unless, it was a case if mistaken identity.

It would be a shame, if the officer that killed him, ended up dead in prison… She’ll be eligible for parole, in 5 years. She murdered a man, in his own home… For nothing…. Her sentence, should have been harsher…

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Normally I’m not a conspiracy theory guy. But this one seems fishy.

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Most likely. The thin blue line doesn’t like to be held accountable.

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I’m going to suspend judgement until some facts surface. I have my suspicions though.

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Looks like it was a far more routine killing: a drug deal gone wrong.

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@Demosthenes—I read the article. I’m not convinced. If Brown was a druggie, would have have testified in the trial? Doubt it. He would have had nothing to do with the police or the prosecutor.

Something doesn’t add up here.

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I am with @elbanditoroso . “Drug deal gone wrong” is a common explanation for people of color that run afoul of the police.

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Details in the Times today say he had a prior conviction for drugs and something for robbery.

He was a reluctant witness.

I’ll link it.

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