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Were the emblems of the races included in starcraft 1 or did they only come to be in 2?

Asked by Pinkcottonfluffs (36points) November 21st, 2019
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I’m shopping for an early christmas gift for my mentor, and I wanted to get him something starcraft-related because he said he used to do nothing in college except play starcraft. I’m pretty sure based on when he went to college that he would’ve been playing only the original. I was thinking about getting him a keychain with the terran emblem on it, but I don’t know if the emblems were in the first game or if they only came later, and I can’t get a clear answer from trying to look it up. Were these included in the first game, and if not, is there another little gift like this that I could get him that he’d recognize as starcraft 1?

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For really cool special gifts I always scour through Etsy. I know zero about Starcraft but apparently there are many artisans who make all sorts of baubles and do-dads for Starcraft

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