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What's important to know about Corona Virus?

Asked by flo (13313points) January 29th, 2020
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As asked.

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What a coincidence that I just found this video explaining it all.

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I read an article today stating that frequent hand washing is, as in many cases, one of the best preventative measures against contracting it.

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Also not to touch your face and to use hand sanitizer.

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That it’s not likely to kill you. It’s death rate is only slightly higher than the run of the mill flu, and of course those with already weakened immune systems are more at risk for serious complications. Don’t let the news get you all paranoid like when they whipped people into a frenzy with the H1N1 scare several years ago.

Be prudent, like you always should be. Wash your hands and try not to touch your face. Stay away from people who appear to be sick, if they tell you it’s just allergies, don’t believe it.

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The term “coronavirus” is not new.
“coronavirus… (1968) ; any of a family (Coronaviridae and esp. genus Coronavirus) of single stranded RNA viruses that have a lipid envelope studded with club shaped projections, infect birds and many mammals including humans, and include the causative agent of SARS”
– from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th. ed.

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You have far more to fear from the flu than the corona virus. Get your flu shot.

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^Well. They both, can lead to pneumonia. That’s what kills people.
At the first sign of breathing problems, you should seek medical attention…

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Thanks. Has anyone watched @ragingloli by the way?
How else to clean hands other than with soap and water or hand santizer?

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Sanitization, is key to many pandemics. That’s why people donate soap, to African people. Ebola, would not spread so quickly, with just soap.

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If there are no hand sanitizers and no soap and water no way of cleaning hands?

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It’s not a flu.

Scientists are also not sure yet how or why some people who recovered and had tested negative have been coming up positive later. They don’t know if they were simply re-infected or if the test can’t pick up the virus when it’s very low, or if once a person has it, it can lay dormant and then come back. I was discussing this with my son and he said, maybe it behaves like some STD, like cold sores. It can lay dormant until something activates it. I certainly hope he is wrong. Either way, this doesn’t look good.

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