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How can I make my beard and moustache less itchy?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24461points) February 18th, 2020
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Will bath salts help? What do you suggest?

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Eliminate them

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Is there any dandruff? If so, the shampoo Nizoral is really good. You can get it in the drug store. There is a prescription strength, but the over the counter usually works really well in just 2 uses it often clears it up.

If it’s itchy without any flaking, it might just be dryness. You could add using conditioner after you shampoo. Something that says hydrate or moisturize.

Otherwise, you might consider shaving for a short time and use face moisturizer on your face during the winter. I realize it’s probably nice to have a beard for warmth though. Some men complain their beard itches when it first starts growing in, so it might be counterproductive. I guess you could do a 5 o’clock shadow shave with an electric razor, then moisturizer would still get down to your skin and you wouldn’t have ingrown hair concerns and everything else that can happen with a close shave.

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Have you tried changing the soap that you use to something a bit milder or tried an antibacterial soap???

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I will try some different soap next time I shower.

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Sometimes its just the water now at this time of year?
Can one put conditioner on it and rinse?( use hypoallergenic products)

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Shave it off.

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Can’t claim to know myself as I’ve never grown a beard; but, this popped up under “related” where it was asked about 10 years ago. You might want to read some of the answers there to get some other ideas. One in particular caught my eye. He said to endure the itch for now & as the beard gets longer that it will stop itching on its own. Don’t know IF it’s true, but is another idea not offered here so far.

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@all I washed my facial hair with garnis fructis shampoo and conditioner. Most of the itch went away and will update Fluther if it stays itch free all night.

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Garnier Fructis also makes an oil treatment for your hair. You might consider buying one bottle of the oil treatment. It’s not expensive

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I have been known to sport a pretty wild beard. It just goes away with time. I never used anything on it other the hottest water I could tolerate.

It actually seems like a horrible idea to get soap, shampoos, and lotions up in there. My beard grew pretty thick and all that junk just got trapped in there. Nearly scalding water will keep the follicles malleable. Shower or steaming towel. Your choice.

I actually used to get moderately bad pimples up until my 20’s. I tried so many fancy soaps and crap (looking at you Neutrogena) and it seemed like the more money I spent the worse it got.

I was living with my sisters hippie friend and she told me to ditch that crap and just use a hot rag to wipe down my face every few hours and it cleared thing up pretty quickly. To this day I still don’t use lotions or soaps on my face. Just hot rags.

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@all shampoo and conditioner seemed to work. Thanks.

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Use BEARD shampoo BEARD conditioner and BEARD oil

You can find many beard products online.
Try get organic chemical free stuff

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