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Do you have a favorite comedian?

Asked by jca2 (16341points) May 20th, 2020
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Do you have a favorite comedian?

This question came to me because I saw the new Netflix Jerry Seinfeld stand up the other night and I was telling my family how funny it was. Also, I just read a New Yorker interview with Ben Stiller, about growing up with his dad Jerry Stiller.

I wouldn’t say Jerry is my favorite comedian but it was a good show.

When I was younger, I’d have said Steve Martin when he was doing standup and was on SNL.

I really appreciate the humor of Dave Chappelle. I love Chris Rock’s standup shows.

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The people you listed are all pretty funny to me.
I also like George Carlin, Jim Gaffigan,Ellen and Steven Wright

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At the moment Ricky Gervais

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My two all time favourites are Bill Ingvall, and Jeff Dunham.

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Mike MacDonald
(1954–2018) Funny Man.

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Tim Minchin, though I have not seen anything new from him lately

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George Carlin is my all time favorite, but Steven Wright is a close second

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Frankie Boyle
Ricky Gervais
Peter Kay
Sarah Millican
Lee Evans

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Sebastian Maniscalco

His routine is also physical. He can move like a gazelle!

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A three way tie from Kevin Nealon on SNL as the anchor man for Weekend Update, New Rules skits by Bill Maher on HBO, and Gabriel Iglesias “fluffy”.

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John Mulaney
Patton Oswalt
Bill Burr
Jim Jefferies

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Great picks. I especially love Jim Jefferies standup about gun control:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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@rockfan: Thanks for that! Hilarious!

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Jon Reep.

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Hard to choose just one.. Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Marc Maron is my favorite podcaster but I love him too much, David Mitchell, James Acaster.

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I see that my link was bad so I’m reposting.

Sebastian Maniscalco
Checking in at the airport

At the hotel in Vegas

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@LuckyGuy: Both were hilarious!

I was trying to place his accent. His “a’s” are a little flat, like mid-west, and I see he’s from Chicago.

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@jca2 Good accent observation! It definitely wasn’t NY or Staten Island Italian. but I could not place it.
I like the way he moves. His whole body is involved in the story, e.g. duct taping the Igloo cooler. packing, etc.
Like a dancer, some of his seemingly casual moves retake a lot of strength.

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@LuckyGuy: Yeah I did observe that he’s in great shape. :)

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My favorite comedian is Jim Carrey, because he is very funny.

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