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Where do you keep your drugs (legal drugs)?

Asked by chyna (47039points) September 29th, 2020
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I keep my prescription drugs, vitamins, over the counter drugs in my pantry.
I think most people keep them in their bathroom. Where are yours kept?

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Daily current medication in the kitchen away from the stove and oven, and I have an open kitchen to the living room, it’s one big room.

Some vitamins and oldish and stand-by medication I have in a piece of furniture in my living room. Stand-by is stuff like drugs if I get shingles.

OTC medication and any topicals in my bathroom, and some very old meds (expired) but I have a fairly large bathroom. If I had a typical 5×8 bathroom I would not keep my pill medication there. I probably shouldn’t anyway.

My house barely meets room temperature standards for medication. We keep it at 77 degrees.

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^That’s what I keep my temperature at, also.

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In the bathroom on a shelf. That’s usually where I am first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

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Medicine cabinet in my bathroom.

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@chyna Yeah, that’s typically the tippy top of room temperature recommendations for medication, but I figure even several degrees higher probably doesn’t degrade medication so fast if they send meds through the mail. I’ve also been in drug stores in the third world and easily the medication was in 80–85 degrees at times in stores with no air conditioning.

Still, I try not to let the meds be in a location that goes up another few degrees regularly or gets too humid. My house is humid already compared to a northern house, or even a house in a hotter climate like 3 hours south of me.

In one house I had a wine fridge, and that was great because I could set it at a cool but not cold temperature for medication. I kept a med in there that was an injection. For some reason I had in my head that a liquid like that might be more delicate than a pill. I don’t know if it really is.

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Wherever is most convenient for me.

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I have a cosmetic bag they are kept in. I take meds 4 times a day. So they are on whatever floor I am on.

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I take one prescription pill a day, and I keep it in the prescription bottle. It kicks around on countertops and sometimes in the bathroom.

Other over the counter meds like aspirin and topical creams are in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Vitamins are on top of the refrigerator.

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Next to Sun Tzu’s text.

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I’m not any prescription meds at the moment, but I keep my daily vitamin on my computer desk (along with things like gum and antacids). I keep less frequently used stuff like Tylenol in a cabinet in the bathroom.

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