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Have you bought anything in the past few months that you thought you'd use, maybe for a new hobby, but have not?

Asked by jca2 (16084points) October 19th, 2020
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SNL did a skit the other night about people who purchased things during the coronavirus shutdown, and then didn’t use them. They were joking about people who bought treadmills and guitars and fancy kitchenware.

How about you? Did you plan on any new hobbies and make some big purchases which you haven’t used?

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I bought a bunch of decorative tapes because I saw videos of people using them in drawing and I thought “hey, that would be cool”. I even bought papers and drafted one picture for that purpose. But then I started dabbling in digital art and it turned out to be much more efficient than pencils (the undo button, the ability to modify shapes more accurately, the ability to draw in perspective…) Now the tapes are inside my drawers and they are nothing but some pretty accessories.

I still wonder what would happen if I took the hobby though. I haven’t got the time yet.

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A soldering iron for wood burning. Specifically, decorating hammer handles.

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I bought a $2 pack of Premo Sculpey and have not opened it yet. I hear it dries out after you open it, and I’m not “feeling it” yet.

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Last year I bought expensive soft pastels for some landscapes I planned on drawing, but haven’t used them yet

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I also bought a soldering iron. I’m hoping to get around to some electronics this weekend.

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Bought a paint by number set online of two Siamese kittens that look similar to the two that I once had.
Also a large Cross stitch kit ” by Design Works titled ” Woodland Castle”.( its an ambitious project which will take a long time to complete 14 inches by 18 inches).

I purposely purchased these to work on in the cold winter months as I preferred to be outdoors in the Spring and Summer seasons anyways.
Cold winter months/days are good for those projects or hobbies that one wants to work on and its an ideal time to do it.

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No, but I did plan on cleaning up and organizing more than I have. That was my biggest covid plan for trying to make use of the time at home. I did a little, but nothing like the grand idea in my head.

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I was given a beautiful, dressy pair of earrings for Christmas. I wore them a few times, but I haven’t gone anywhere to dress up for since March 1st. I’m not wearing them to the grocery store.

Rather than purchasing things I haven’t used, I’ve had to purchase a number of things that I wouldn’t have needed ordinarily, such as three air purifiers (for the smoke) and headphones with mic (for Zoom meetings).

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Kind of? I do a lot of stitching and embroidery, and I have bought quite a few projects that I won’t be doing for a while. I thought I would do a lot more stitching than I have been. But that can get tricky with school

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I bought three adult paint by numbers from Amazon. I never did them but may in the winter.

I joined a rock painting group on FB and so bought some rocks (yes, you can buy rocks lol) and plan to try to paint them.

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@jca2 I forgot about your rocks. I look forward to seeing them. I was visiting a friend yesterday and someone had left two painted rocks on her garden wall that morning.

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Colored pencils and adult coloring books (sounds creepy), but I have no patience for it. I think I finished two. I also have puzzles I haven’t opened the boxes to yet, about three of them.

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I bought a dress for my Niece’s wedding in June. I ordered it a month ahead of time. He wedding was on a Saturday. The dress came the following Monday. I rarely wear dresses, like never.

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