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Is it a thing that sugar makes fish and chicken tender and moist?

Asked by JLeslie (63824points) November 20th, 2020
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Recently, I’ve made two recipes that had high sugar content. One was Salmon that I covered with a sugar and mustard concoction. The other was chicken in a sauce made of Coke and Chipotle. Both the salmon and the chicken were extremely moist, so I’m thinking it was the sugar.

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I’ve cooked salmon with a balsamic/molasses glaze on a smoker before. The sugar caramelizes and forms a crust that traps in the fish’s moisture. I’m not sure if your recipe is doing something similar. There could also be a different explanation for what’s happening on a chemistry level. That’s just my best guess for what’s happening.

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Salt and sugar brine mixture will make the protein moister. So if the concoction had a salt content it would brine the fish.

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