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Is the UK racially profiling people with music? Should we outlaw violent music?

Asked by KNOWITALL (29684points) January 13th, 2021
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Apparently the UK courts are trying to associate violent rap music (drill) with criminal and gang activity there via the legal system.

Do you think the music you choose affects you to the point you would commit murder?

Do you think this is another instance of minorities being targeted and jailed, or do you find it legitimate?

“They asked is it fair for a violent musical subculture to be used as evidence of involvement in crime? Or does drill – unlike other music – encourage acts of violence?”
She acknowledges “there are isolated instances when drill has incited violence” but says drill is now being used in lots of cases and although it can initially look like there’s a correlation between a rap and a violent act, “when you look at it properly it falls away, it’s not credible”.

The vast majority of the defendants were young black men and boys. We identified a total of 232 people facing trial in the 67 cases. Only eight of them were female. Almost half were teenagers.
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