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Should we be able to flag a post that is a lie for being one or should we have to duke it out?

Asked by janbb (62854points) January 14th, 2021
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Pretty much as asked. We all spread lies at times here that we may think are true and some are really harmful. Should we just have to fight it out or could a reason for flagging be that someone is spreading falsehoods? Of course, that would put a burden on the mods to have to verify but the spreading of falseness is a real detriment to our society.

I know this change will not likely be made but I think it’s worth batting around a bit. Lies are really hurting our society and endangering our lives.

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I would like to see us be able to flag lies that are easy to disprove with a link from Snopes or some other such reputable source.

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Problem with that is some people believe the BS they spew, and are not really aware that the are spreading manure. Propaganda is a powerful thing. The mods in this place have a tough job. I’d as soon go out in a pasture and play Russian Roulette.

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@Nomore_lockout Oh, I think most of do believe it when we’re lying but does that mean it shouldn’t be challenged?

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Maybe some of the most obvious ones could be flagged with a refutation (like Snopes or something) in the comment box of the flag feature.
Good idea, @janbb

Just saw yours, @Hawaii_Jake, owe me a Coke?

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@janbb Don’t know what to tell you. Maybe approach the mods with it?

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With such a low active member group, it seems a bit redundant when you can simply call out lies in the thread itself, as we see daily.

I would be more inclined to approach the mods about kicking someone off who has done it more than three times knowingly and intentionally, and just get them off the site.

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I would never knowingly tell a lie here. If I say something, I believe 100% that it is true, otherwise I will relate that I heard it somewhere and/or that it might not be true.
Check my profile.

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What kind of lies are we talking about? Lies about other members? Lies about a general fact? Lies about politics? Lies about one’s own personal life?

Like @Nomore said, someone may not be spreading lies intentionally but out of a genuine belief in the lies because they just don’t know any better. This kind of people, especially newcomers, need to be educated rather than condemned. What seems obvious to you may not be obvious to someone else. And besides, you have a much better chance to change someone with kindness than punishment. This is especially necessary for subjects that have a lot of grey areas like politics.

And if they still refuse to change their false belief, then it’s their problem. The mods will decide what to do with each situation.

Lies about personal life or other members are a different story. I don’t tolerate lies about other people, and false claim about a member, especially coming from a newer member, should be categorized as flame bait or personal attack and modded. Lies about oneself, well unless it’s a trolling attempt or for malicious purposes, then I don’t think it will hold up in the long run.

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If I misrepresent something, I appreciate being corrected, rather than just having the post deleted.

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Thanks for the input.

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