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How to deal with best friends who are moving away?

Asked by KRD (1828points) March 2nd, 2021
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My best friends who live up the street from my house are moving away; I don’t know how to deal with it. Can you help?

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It took a while, but in at least some cases, I’ve kept in touch with people via regularly scheduled recurring Zoom meetings and/or some shared context or things we do together or talk about.

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Awww…I feel for you. My first loss-of-my-best-friend occurred when I was about 4. I remember his name to this day and still have his picture, and it’s been 60 years. After I said goodby and went back across the street to my house, I remember throwing myself on the couch and sobbing as if my heart were breaking – and it was. Since then, I’ve had to say goodby to best friends at least 8 more times. It doesn’t get easier.

You’re in a somewhat better situation because of the existence of Skype and Facetime. I’d suggest keeping in touch weekly or more often if possible, at least in the beginning. It’s amazing how easy it is to feel a continuity of the relationship simply by being able to see the person. I experience this with my sister who lives ~600 miles away. Remember birthdays and holidays; a real card rather than an ecard can be comforting – it’s something you can each hold in your hands and know that you picked it out for each other. Conversations don’t have to be about big stuff, either. My sister and I often just talk about what’s for supper and what we did that day.

I won’t lie, it’s gonna hurt and you’re gonna miss them terribly and I’m sorry for that, but you’ll get through it. My biggest regret is not staying in touch with friends, but Skype and Facetime should help you feel connected. {{hugs}}

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Update, they moved about a month ago.

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