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What are some of your favorite websites to lift your mood a little?

Asked by hihellohi (125points) March 13th, 2021
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Go ahead. Tell me what you’d visit on the web to brighten your mood a little :))

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The Dodo‘s twitter feed is full of all kinds of goodness.

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@hello321 animal videos, a staple in every list of mood-lifters :))

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YouTube Muppet videos. Like the Swedish chef. Or ode to Joy Beaker.

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I watch you tube funny dog videos.

smudges's avatar, especially the ‘faith-in-humanity’ category
waterfall on youtube (the Boston Dynamics robots dancing to “Do You Love Me?” by The Beatles. It’s hard to believe they’re robots!)

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“Gnoosic”. It’s a music recommendation site where you simply list your favorite bands and it gives you a list of similar artists that are lesser known. I always discover a great band I’ve never heard of when I visit it

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YouTube. Specifically Rambalac’s one hour continuous first person pov 4K videos of walking around the streets of Japan at night.

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Youtube, specifically, the music of all kinds. But instead of lifting my mood, it sometimes lowers it. Sad music lifts my mood. Happy music does the opposite. Isn’t that something?

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