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Ladies, what do you wear with nice shoes?

Asked by anniereborn (15511points) April 1st, 2021
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Whether you are wearing them with a dress or nice pants…any hosiery at all? I know back when I was a teen we always wore pantyhose. Then at some point the fashion turned to just bare skin.

I prefer tights with dresses if possible. With pants I may go sockless, but sometimes wear trouser socks or knee high nylons.

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I can’t remember the last time I wore nice clothes or nice shoes!! In the summer I would probably go bare legged and wear dressy sandals but in the winter, I used to wear pantyhose (which are a pain) or knee high stockings with pants or a long dress.

I have read that younger women go bare legged mainly now. I’m really out of touch with the working or dating world at this point though.

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IMO hose makes legs look so much better than bare skin.
When I was working, at the very least, I wore knee high hose (cheaters.)

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@Dutchess_III I tend to agree with you, but I dunno, that’s how I grew up. I suppose if one is quite young with flawless skin it might look good.

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Depending on the time of year and weather, I have worn tights since I’m Casper pale with auburn hair. Summer with a light tan, bare usually.

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The only thing I liked about hose is they tightened stuff up and pulled stuff in.

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I mostly wear jeans or yoga pants and slide on shoes or sandals, so it isn’t an issue. If I wear a dress flat shoe (like a loafer) or boots I wear a thin sock usually. Most of my boots just go up past the ankle and I wear slacks o jeans with them. If it is cold I wear high socks that cover my calf, but still thin socks. If I was to wear a pump or low heal with a covered toe, I would probably wear knee high hose, but I haven’t in years. Most dressy shoes I have are open toe and naked feet.

I haven’t worn pantyhose or tights in 15 years except for tights for ballet class. I’m in Florida so the weather is conducive to bare legs. Dress up for special events it is often ok to wear strappy shoes and no hose, even if the dress code is formal or semi-formal. The good thing about hose is it can make certain shoes more comfortable, smooth out your tummy a little, and keep your thighs from rubbing together (a new thing that I have been dealing with the last 5 years) but I am so used to not wearing hosiery that I dread putting it on, plus the expense and worrying about them running.

My first 25 years of work I had to wear hose if I wore a skirt. It felt very odd to me when I first stopped wearing pantyhose, but now I am so used to it.

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I asked because my nephew is getting married in September. A big to do. Guests are to wear semi formal to formal. I believe I will be wearing some type of hose with my dress. I just wondered if that would make me look old (as I am lol)

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@anniereborn Is it in a northern state? If it is north of the Mason Dixon line I especially think it will be fine in September, and you likely will not be the only one. Is it a long dress? I think formal occasions it is still always ok to wear hose. Young people might not, but you said you are not very young.

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@JLeslie Yes, this is in Chicago. My dress is “tea length”, like mid calf ish, and def formal looking.

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@anniereborn I think it is definitely ok in Chicago. You likely will have cooler weather in the evening in September. Stick with nude shades, don’t try to look tan, don’t wear black. Donna Karan used to make great nude pantyhose, very thin, looked invisible, they didn’t have that shiny look. They were the closes to bare legs you could find when I used to work in retail, but I have not worn hose in many many years, and I don’t know what is out there now. They were thin so they had a good chance of running, so maybe bring a spare pair in case, even if it is a cheap spare pair. Hopefully, you won’t need to use the emergency pair. The DK were quite expensive too, it might not be worth it with the small amount of leg you will have showing. Plus, I think the hose are ok anyway.

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I always wear nice shoes.

Someday the rest of my wardrobe will catch up.

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