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Do you feel sorry for these people or are they getting what they deserve for trusting Trump ?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44060points) May 27th, 2021
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In a nutshell Trump had many of his appointees exempted from paying Social Security taxes. He promised them Congress would forgive the debt. Apparently he sent that memo out to many business. Most declined for this very reason (below.)
Congress didn’t forgive the debt, and now the IRS is hounding these people, giving them 30 days to pay the past due taxes or face dire consequences.
Many of them feel betrayed.
(BTW. Even if Trump instructed payroll to eliminate the tax, the workers could have paid the tax themselves.)

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Is it possible to feel both?

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I’m supposed to feel sympathy for people who willingly followed the exaggerated boastings of a crook?

Tough shit. If they were smart enough to work for the government, they should have known better than to listen to Trump’s empty promises.

Let ‘em suffer. There should be a price paid for stupidity.

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Not one iota.
I do not even have any sympathy for all the people that died during the allied carpet bombing of German cities at the end of WW2.

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I feel sorry for them, even though I disagree with their actions. They may be naive or even dishonest, but they’re still people. With kids and pets and partners to support.

But I also picked up seven drowning earthworms on my way home from the bus stop just now – so there’s that.

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Feel sorry for grifters that didn’t get the debt forgiveness promised by the Grifter-in-Chief?

These people weren’t naïve, they threw their lot in with the ant-American crowd trying to loot the government.

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@longgone….one time we had a big rain.. When my daughter was about 7 she spotted an earthworm that she thought was stranded out of the water he belonged in. She kindly picked him up and put him back in the water. sigh.

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Sure you can have sympathy for suckers, even suckers who put their trust in a know nothing scumbag. That they get what they deserve is justice. But it’s the fact that so many of them learn nothing from the experience and readily accept the subsequent deluge of obvious lies without so much as batting an eyebrow—this is what transforms any compassion for these chumps to contempt. It’s a matter of sheer exasperation.

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