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Do we have inkless printing?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19326points) May 28th, 2021
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Or is it in the research and development stage?

Will we skip that step and go straight to digital paper device’s? Like Kobo and eReaders?

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This is inkless and Amazing!
3-D Color Printing by Mimaki and Shapeways

Hi-def with over a million colors in the palette!
Here is a video about it.

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A lot of shops tills use thermal printing that is ink less.

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I would think that a laser printer would not use ink. (For black and white printing, naturally.)

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Mass publishing will always resort to the easiest, tried and true way of creating many copies of what ever is deemed worth printing while generating the most revenue. Now, digital is the easiest way to disseminate information and dramatic headlines and misinformation is guaranteed to spread 75% faster than true information. So, yes…. reading material isn’t ink-based anymore and subjects are not fact checked anymore. It’s a commodity that is packaged to entertain and be salacious.

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@kritiper Laser printers use laser ink cartridges.

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@janbb For color printing, yes. But for black and white also? Even the purely black and white laser printers??

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@kritiper As far as I know unless things have changed since I was working in an office.

Here’s one. Note the use of toner:

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Color and black laser toner is not ink. It’s powder that gets baked onto the paper.

Though for the purpose of this question I think it serves the same purpose. The printer needs to be supplied with a medium to apply to the paper.

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Well that sucks…
Darn ink and toner are SO expensive!

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Laser printer toner tends to work out to under 3 cents per page.

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