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Is there a special word in backgammon when you pass each other and there’s no chance of attack?

Asked by ben (9080points) May 30th, 2021
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Having trouble looking this up… any backgammon wizards out there?

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Never heard of such a thing. And my rule book makes no mention, either.

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I’m not sure exactly the situation you mean, but maybe “Break Contact”, as described on this Backgammon glossary.

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Break Contact.

Double check me, but I think that’s the term. I haven’t played backgammon in years. We used to also say “it’s just a race now,” but I think that was an expression in my family.

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I just saw @Zaku had it. I didn’t notice when I first came to the Q.

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Lovely to see you here, Ben.

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Thanks, @Zaku and @JLeslie!! Just what I was looking for.

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