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Spice in your life: ESports?

Asked by Crimson22 (5points) June 7th, 2021
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It seems like ESports might be the new choice of hobby for people around the world. I read that some experts expect this market to develop into a billion dollar venture one of these days.

Do you think you could get on the ESports bandwagon too? Could you let me in on your thoughts on this matter?

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If E-Sports means watching sports on an electronic device, instead of actively participate in sports, then I’m doing it already for close to 50 years.

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It means watching professional video game players playing videogames competitively.

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I can’t imagine anything more boring and soporific than watching other people play on their screens. Gag me with a spoon.

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From what I see in this thread so far, it seems that not everyone understand ESports. I’m not surprised, ESports is a very recent “sports” that revolves around a game that also appeared recently. I don’t see it appealing to a lot of us here, but people my age may be able to appreciate it. To us it’s just like other sports like chess and stuff.

That said, the game being used for ESports is just incredibly boring. It requires you to be really familiar with the game to be able to follow what is going on. I think I played that game once and its the most confusing and boring thing I have ever played, so no, I don’t think I’m going near ESports any day. But then again I can’t watch some conventional sports like baseball so it’s just me.

In short, I think ESports will be here to stay, however ridiculous it may sound. It doesn’t spark too much controversy, and I see a lot of people liking it. If it’s your thing, then go ahead.

I can easily see myself getting really into ESports if it’s a game like Super Smash Bros.

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I have had this conversation before.

e-sports is a game, not a sport. It is much closer to the games listed below than any sport.

Bridge is a game, hearts is a game, gin rummy is a game, dominos is a game, Monopoly is a game, scrabble is a game, poker is a game.

Football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, basketball, field hockey, ice hockey, luge, bobsled, figure skating, skiing, swimming, diving – are all sports. Because there is some physical element involved.

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@elbanditoroso Is chess considered a sport? I’m genuinely curious, because I see it being referred as a sport but it doesn’t involve physical element like you say.

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I would contend that the rapid and accurate hand-eye coordination necessary for high end play a clearly physical element.
Not only that, but other competitive activities with a similar level of physical activity, like pool, snooker, or darts, are already considered “sports”.
In fact, I would say that the latter 3 are less demanding, because while your opponent is doing their turn, you can have a beer or a smike while you watch and wait.
In e-sports, you do not get such breaks. You are at 100% the entire time, because otherwise, you lose.

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@Mimishu1995 if I had been more wide-awake, I would have included chess as a game.

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