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Do you react emotionally to seeing the handwriting of a deceased loved one?

Asked by kneesox (3535points) 2 months ago
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Like on an old birthday card or a letter or book inscription, or even just a random note that pops up somewhere.

Seeing something in the distinctive handwriting of my parents or grandparents or others who are gone has a strong effect on me. Visceral, I would say. They seem to be present in their handwriting. It’s still alive, even if they are not.

These days handwriting seems to be atrophying. It loses its character when we use the keyboard all the time instead of writing. And some schools don’t even teach it any more.

Isn’t this a great loss? I think it is.

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I have. It’s hard not to.

And you’re right – few things are more personal.

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Not really, but I do feel nostalgic at times..I got some of my dad’s books after he passed on, and now and then when I look through them, I’ll find an old piece of scrap paper he used as a bookmark with his handwriting on it…and I start thinking back.

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Yes, especially recipes. I remember the dish and can visualize my mom cooking, can almost smell and taste it.

I’ve kept some cards I’ve received from family and a few friends, and I have two autograph books I’ve saved from when I was in my teens. I have the first flower my dad gave my mom on their first date about 80 years ago. I’m so thankful she saved those kinds of things. I can only take a trip down memory lane once in a while…deep waters there, and it can be hard to get back out.

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Funny you ask – just an hour or two ago, my sister sent me a picture of some card that my grandfather had written in the 1960s.

His handwriting is still distinctive to me, despite him being dead for 45 years. It was sort of comforting, in a way.

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@smudges I just gave my niece a recipe book for her to fill it with family recipes. Hopefully, her mom and grandmother will write some for her. I put one in there too.

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Not yet

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Yes. A 100%.

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Yes, I just came across my mother’s signature when researching my family tree and it had that effect quite strongly. She signed it when she was younger than I am now.

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Absolutely. Anything from an old letter to a recipe card and notes in the margin of a book. I still love going through her old books. Certain sounds and smells as well. The noisy way she stirred her tea. The smell of freshly baked shortbread and lemon curd. I’m an old softy, so it doesn’t take much to set me off.

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I don’t, but my wife, cousin, and aunt do. I’m not sentimental like that, but I sometimes get nostalgic about certain memories or places.

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My dad died in 1975. My mom stayed in the same house until her death in 2011. As we went through her stuff we found letters from my dad to her from 1950. I didn’t know his handwriting so that was nice to see. But his written words were funny and sweet. He said “golly” a few times and other words that made me know him a little better.
When I see my moms writing I have to smile. She came from an era where they practiced their penmanship all through their school years. She practically drew her name. It was beautiful handwriting, but I remember being annoyed that it took her forever to write a check.

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I don’t have that many instances of that but I do have the bird identification book that my parents kept when they went birding in which they wrote what they saw and where. Some is written in my Dad’s hand and some in my Mom’s and it is a treasured possession for me.

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@JLeslie I think she’ll appreciate it so much as time passes and maybe even hand it down herself. ;)

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@janbb That’s just so cool! My parents introduced me to bird loving. We lived in VT in a woodsy area, so there were tons of different kinds. We never went birding, but we watched them avidly from the kitchen table looking into the back yard through the bay window. I’m so glad you have that book. ;)

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Just an aside to no one in particular because I’m feeling sentimental – I so wish I had appreciated my family when it counted, when they were all here. <3

On a happier note, starting Wednesday I get to spend 10 days with my sister who lives 900 miles away; I’ll show her I appreciate her!

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@smudges: Perfect. Never too late to start. Have a great time!

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@cookieman Thanks!! 8)

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