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Why is Red Bandit's 30K just on the Community Feed banner now when we partied for him on June 22nd?

Asked by janbb (62859points) July 22nd, 2021
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Is someone trying to double dip in the party celebrations? Or are we in some kind of Fluther time warp?

Humor welcome.

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What surprised me was the banner showed @gondwanalon hit the milestone days before there was an actual celebration.

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Regarding the lurve bandit Red Bandit trying to double dip, the evidence is right there in the name.

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The lag remains. Where’s my Admiral badge, y’all?!?

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Get in line, @bob_ .

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Congrats, glad you’re here!

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^You’re late.

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@chyna I thought we’d already celebrated so I wasn’t sure I needed to come to the party or not! :) Usually I’m OCD about being on time or early haha!

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I think having 2 parties will be fun!

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@kritiper is now honored in the communitee feed for hitting 20k, which he did on March 3.

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@filmfann Weird!

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I’m really looking forward to recelebrating @chyna‘s 40K party! ;-D

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Same think with Kritipers today. We celebrated in March but it popped back up today so I tried. Mods caught me trying to be nice! :D

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Wonder why @KNOWITALL.

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