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Anyone watching the Olympics? Which sports do you enjoy the most?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11060points) July 29th, 2021
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Must say, this time around it’s been swimming, volleyball and taekwondo. Not sure what it is about taekwondo, but I like it.

They’re introducing karate this year. :)

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I told my wife to let me know when she sees Joey Chestnut compete.

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We’re close to a week in now, and for the first time in my life I have not seen one second of it.
I lost my enthusiasm for sports.

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I enjoy the diving, track and we really liked watching America win in fencing!
When’s karate or tae kwon do on?

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Hard to get enthusiastic when things are so topsy turvy.

My favorite is gymnastics. I enjoyed men’s also, until the Hamm twins wrecked it for me.

Who remembers this?

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Been busy as hell with work, grand kids, and honey dos in the yard for Mamma Bear. Haven’t had time for sports or anything else on TV lately.

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It’s odd, actually. Normally I follow the Olympics closely and watch a lot of it, but this time round I just haven’t felt any interest and I haven’t seen any, except for a few minutes of one of the swimming competitions.

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I have only caught ping pong, and I was bored with it. I’m on vacation so I haven’t had the TV on much. I hope to catch some gymnastics, though.

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@downtide: Me too. Exact same. I’m usually a big fan of the Olympics with the swimming and gymnastics being my favorite Summer sports. This year, I’m just not feeling it.

I’m hoping to be more excited for the Winter Olympics.

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Diving, swimming.

I used to love gymnastics, but not as much anymore.

I might watch the wheelchair rugby if they air it. The son of a friend of mine used to play on the Olympic team.

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I watch gymnastics and swimming, and I watched a little of women’s volleyball. I also liked the skateboarding. I don’t follow the games carefully, so I am more of a casual observer.

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So far, basketball, gymnastics, and soccer.

Maybe track & field later when more events get scheduled, but really I’m with downtide – I just don’t feel the thrill.

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Do we really need 3X3 “basketball”?

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@Brian1946 – No. Just NOOOoooo!

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Very little this year.

1) no audiences, and the audience makes it fun

2) too damned many ads

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The swimming sports and the skiing sports.

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I was laying in bed, listening to the TV. Every so often a whistle blew. The timing of the whistle told me it was volleyball…my favorite sport. So I got up and watched it. It was women volleyball. I used to play competitive coed so I can relate to the women.
Still, men’s volleyball is more fun to watch. Basketball too.

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Canada beat the U.S. in women’s soccer. I’m thrilled!! Haha! Now, the gold medal match. They’re playing Sweden!

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