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What would happen if every single one of your pores got clogged?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12874points) August 13th, 2021
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Your skin pores. All over your body, they were clogged.

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Think about the Golden Girl in Goldfinger.

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@filmfann that was exactly my first thought too. I never actually checked, though, to find out if it was medically true, that a person would be asphyxiated if their skin was entirely coated with something.

I think that mode of death, being painted gold, must be unique in the movies.

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Well you develop a shit laid of boils etc. But that’s about it.

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@kneesox Are you saying the movies lie to me?

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Depends on what is meant by “clogged”. Completely sealed air-tight in paint is different from being greasy as in cosmetically “clogged pores”.

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@filmfann no indeed! Lie to you? Of course not, what a wild idea. I’m saying I took it for factually based but never actually checked it.

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Not likely.

Of course, if you dipped someone in molten gold, that would be a different story. “Then she would have burned to a crisp,” he said. “To get gold to the point where it’s a liquid you can plate on something, you’d burn the body to being unrecognizable.”

Now, if the paint had toxic elements in it—mercury or lead—then someone covered in it could be poisoned. But that wouldn’t be instantaneous, as it would have to penetrate into the individual’s bloodstream.

“Mythbusters” looked into this phenomenon in 2009, and learned that while death didn’t result, a painted person did undergo shifts in his blood pressure and body temperature.

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You’d die done dead, more than likely.

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You would turn into one big zit, literally.

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So what if there was a machine that coated your whole body in a wax that got into your pores, and then was all yanked out as a way to cleanse your pores

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@SergeantQueen well, if it even worked, it seems like it would be a better idea to do it a section at a time.

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You are extremely likely to die.

Your skin is a living breathing organ, in fact it is the largest organ of the body

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You would get extremely fat cause all the sweat wouldnt leave your body it would just collect underneath your skin

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