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What is the most funny thing that ever happened to you while playing a video game?

Asked by vimead1 (595points) September 17th, 2021
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I like hearing stories about funny things that happened to peoples games. Entertain me. :)

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I’ve been playing video games for decades, and SO many funny things have happened, that who knows what the funniest thing was?

However, I used to run a Minecraft server where I set up various adventure locations with treasure and clues to find them and so on. And some kids who played on it had begged me to set up some great treasure somewhere, and I did, but I made it VERY far away, and put clues in that involved algebra to solve. Really pretty simple algebra, I thought, but they consulted “the best kid in their class at math” and he was confused, because it wasn’t in the standard formula they were told about in class…

Eventually, they got a compass in the game, and figured out more or less where they needed to go, and that it would take a LONG time to get there (like, hours of running). So they planned a sleep-over party, and stocked up on supplies and equipment, and started trying to make the trip, late at night…

They had got most of the way to their destination, when they noticed a pyramid ahead. This was back when game-generated pyramids were a new thing, and only one of the kids knew much about them. They couldn’t resist going to check it out, and they went inside. Before the kid who knew about them could give a warning, the other kid started looting and/or opening up a hole in the floor, and the other kid just said, “NOOOOOOooooooooo!!!” but it was too late, and the traps were set off and they both fell to their deaths and died!

They gave up for the night.

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In World of Warships, I rammed an enemy ship to sink it. Just before impact, I typed into the chat “Allahu Akhbar”.

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In Dragon Ball for PlayStation 2 Kid Buu turned his back to me, and I punched him in the back for 2 minutes, and won the match.

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When I was playing the game “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” in the 90s my brother and I were trying to come up with codes to start with more items. We had our mom conjure a code from her mind, it started with “blob1234”, and magically we unlocked all 4 will pieces, catapulting us to the last stage of the game. Still can’t believe that worked, and at 8 years old, I was just about on the floor in amazement.

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While playing an Infocom text adventure, I walked into a room. All the items I could take were listed. The game reported “There is a stool here”. I took it, thinking I would need it for some future task. The game then informed me that it wasn’t that kind of a stool, since it’s in the bathroom.

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I play really tame games, like building a zoo, and poker tournament. Not many funny things happen.
However, when I first tried Xbox, I got talked into buy some car racing games, and a steering wheel was used as the controller. One part of the game involves pulling the steering wheel back toward yourself. I got so excited one time, I pulled back too fast and flung my chair over pretty hard. My head hit a wall, and I nearly broke my neck. I laid there dazed and confused a couple of minutes. I can laugh about it now, but that is why I switched to the tamer games.

I do get a kick out of Kinnectimals. I have to sit to play, so it has a hard time recognizing me as a standing person. I did figure out how to fool it, and convince it my cane is a leg. That way I can sit, and kick a ball.
My happiest gaming is going all in with Phil Laak, and kicking his a$$. IRL he loves the all in bets too much and ticks off the other pro players.

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