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In your opinion, what is the worst musical instrument ever invented?

Asked by basstrom188 (3985points) October 15th, 2021
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The human race has come up with some wacky ways of making music including instruments. What in your opinion is the worst ever?
My favourite candidate is the “G” Bass Trombone

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Can’t stand the harpsichord.
Love, love, lòve the triangle.

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@Mimishu1995 But it’s a fun word to say!

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This Chinese instrument is pretty bad:

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I’ve never liked the Berimbau, personally. But for the instrument that is capable of the most godawful and distressing racket our brains can process, nothing can compare to the original Vox Humana.

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It’s got to be the snarfblatt by Dr. Seuss.

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Kazoos have to rank up on the list. Are they even considered musical instruments?

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There are music styles I dislike, but I think I might more or less like all musical instruments… unless I can include “the hand clap” and “clapping along”.

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I took accordion lessons when I was a kid.

Reminds me of an old joke.

An accordion player went out for a drink after a show with his friend and was nervous about leaving his instrument in the car as he didn’t want it to get stolen. His friend told him it was alright and nobody would try to steal an accordion.
After a night of drinking they walked back to the car and noticed a window was broken. The musician was mad at his friend for letting him leave the instrument in the car.
When they looked inside they found two accordions.

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^^^^ @LuckyGuy There was a common bumpersticker in the 1980’s- Use an accordion, go to jail .

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The spoons – Sorry I eat with them
Tuning Forks – Sorry I eat with them too.
Jugs – Nuf Said!
Hands – Don’t even go there.

Those Stupid Farting Mufflers Cans on Fast & the Furious-looking Cars
Vin Diesel is rolling over in his grave.

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The tromboon.

“A combination of the trombone and bassoon, with all the disadvantages of both.”

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I love bagpipes, harpsichords, and accordions, but those high pitched, screeching saxophones make my teeth hurt, and my ears bleed. I’m not sure which type they are, but they are used in a lot of really loud, dissonant jazz music. I like the real deep-toned saxophones. I think those are baritone saxophones.

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