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Could you compose an orphan question on Fluther?

Asked by rebbel (35372points) October 24th, 2021
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Just for the fun of it?
A question so alien, so bizarre, so specialistic, that you are pretty sure nobody is going to answer it?
How would that read, your orphan?

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Provided that you won’t come and answer :D

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“How will you answer this question?”

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Clever Jellies there….. :-)

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What’s this large, ugly growth on top of my neck? ;-o

Do you have to power down the shelf, before removing a 6X50 card?

Does the DMS100 server still use 6X54 cards for BIF, in the line card drawers?

The parents of this question have both died from boredom. Will you please let it grieve in solitude?


I gave that one a GQ as soon as I read it! ;p

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@Brian1946 The parents of this question have both died from boredom. Will you please let it grieve in solitude?

NOW THAT is a question that I don’t dare to bother, and nobody should!

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I tried. Someone answered it.

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You know you can do better than that.

If not, @canidmajor or I will be happy to show you how to concoct a question that’s a perfect blend of being cryptically esoteric and boring. :p

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@Brian1946 Thanks! At the time it was very frustrating, a dear, longtime friend was dying and I felt so helpless. She passed about a week later.

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@Brian1946 Oh, I know. But I had been thinking about the movie so it was a lark.

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A 50 K mansion celebration for @Janets?

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@canidmajor are you comfortable sharing your friend’s experience? That could be good information for someone in need, seeing that no one here could answer the question before.

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11 of my questions are orphans in social. Pleas feel free to answer.

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@Mimishu1995 it’s pretty rare, from what I understand, and I never did learn enough about it to be helpful to anyone.

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I came up with one in the middle of the night and now I can’t remember what it was!

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^What have I forgotten?

That would likely get many answers, and some could be quite fun.

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I tried, but @Forever_Free ruined it.

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How does your poop smell?

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Aw, @janbb, you can do better than that! You would have dozens of answers, including, no doubt, lengthy treatises on the medical implications of the topic. There would be discussions of diet and nutrition, as well as just some crass crap. (Grin)

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