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I broke my os on my laptop, now can i dont have any OS?

Asked by Linuxuser4242424242 (10points) December 19th, 2021
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So, I was installing Linux distro, and everything was ok, until I went to the terminal and I used sudo apt upgrade, after that my computer freeze and I turned it off, after that when I booted the laptop and it only shows a grey screen? What cn I do?

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I suggest you do a Google search for Linux user forums and ask this question there. Good luck.

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You will need to reinstall Linux. Install it on a bootable thumbdrive or DVD. Reboot your machine and set your BIOS to boot from your install media. If you can’t do that you have hardware issues.

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Start from scratch and reload it.
Reformat the disk and restart. I have done this thousands of times in my career.

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