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In New Orleans French Quarter, what products are they selling in 100 milligram and 400 mg sizes?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43689points) December 19th, 2021
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We’re in the French Quarter and there are several decorated trucks with catchy names like “Weed Deliver” etc. I know what they’re selling. But there are really sketchy guys nearby quietly selling something else and hawking it as 100 mg and 400 mg. That can’t be weed. What is it?
For several reasons, I am not going to ask them. And I don’t want anything they have to offer.

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Probably THC vape liquid. The stuff that’s killing people’s lungs.

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Eau de toilette?

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Most likely a THC concentrate of some kind.

@Blackwater_Park the additive vitamin E acetate is what was causing the harm a couple years ago, and is hardly even used by crooks anymore.

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It’s crazy that it’s not legal everywhere yet since it’s medicinal. I would assume it’s CBD which comes in flower, too.
@LuckyGuy Surprised you didn’t try one at least haha!

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There is no way I would purchase anything or even approach those “gentlemen”. I think walking on Bourbon St does something to our brains. :-)

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the “weed trucks” are selling legal CBD !

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@Tropical_Willie Did you read the details? He’s not asking about the weed trucks. He’s asking about the “really sketchy guys” nearby selling bags.

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They’re selling it too, police have been cracking down on sales because they weren’t collecting sales tax.

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Marijuana vapes and edibles are doses in mg of THC.

For example, a chocolate bar typically contains 100mg of THC for recreational doses and 1000mg for medical doses. A vape pen can contain 300mg to 1g of THC.

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