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Do playing card manufacturers print all 52 (or 54) cards at once?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30932points) 2 weeks ago
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Or do they do all them card by card?

As in – a whole run of Ace-of-diamonds, then a whole run of Ace-of-spaces, and so on?

Inquiring minds want to know,

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I do not know, but I would think that they print all cards onto a single sheet of cardboard, then cut them out. Otherwise, you would need a separate printer for each card, which seems ludicrous to me.

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Probably. Then they are cut, probably from a single sheet.

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It’s not all one card on a sheet and then cut, it is the variety of cards in a deck and then cut. Here is a link with the explanation.

Here are two videos. The video that starts with Japanese cards eventually moves into other cards.

I was disappointed not to find a video with someone explaining the process, rather it is just videos of noisy machines. There are smaller machines that are not big productions like shown in these videos. They can make very custom card decks.

It doesn’t look like it is all 52, 54, or 56, that fit on a single sheet, but part of the deck on several sheets that make up the total.

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See playing cards
Google is your friend

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Nice @Yarnlady.

“Each roll of paper stock will end up producing around 11,000 decks in total!.

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