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What should I do to fix my Motorola Smartphone powered by Android?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19841points) 2 weeks ago
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The internet disconnects from time to time for 5 seconds to 15 minutes. I watch lots of YouTube.

I was wondering If I upgraded my internet speed? Would that help?
Or should I save up for a new phone?

The phone costed $300 and has cracks in the screen from when I dropped it twice in 2 years.

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I suggest you save for a new phone.

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I have a Moto G Stylus.
Was $250 and works awesome, and its the newer phones.

I would suggest getting a new phone, and since you like Motorola, I would suggest the Moto G Stylus.

120 (something) of storage space, a stylus, a really nice camera (3 on the back) and other cool features.

It’s $250… The Samsung phones that I saw that have the same features were like 500+.

This has more features than the Samsung phones in the same price range.

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You should first try reinstalling the YouTube app.

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I have a motorola phone and haven’t had the internet issues you are seeing. I would ask first off does it happen all the time, in all locations or is it only in specific locations? Example: we have more problems with internet in our bedroom. But the bedroom is (a) on the other end of the house from the router and (b) has 2 bathrooms (with metal pipes in the walls) between us and the router.

Another suggestion, if you decide to get a new phone, is to invest in a good case for it. I bought a Poetic case and have been VERY pleased with it. I dropped my phone out of the truck (about a 6’ drop) onto asphalt several times and have never had a crack in my screen.

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what model, @RedDeerGuy1 ?

The obvious first thing to try is to do a factory reset. That way at least you rule out software as the problem.

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Model is Moto g fast.

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Is it the issue with data restriction?
Many times it happens that you have restricted data allow to use, and that’s the reason for the internet not working.

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@lute23 No. I have unlimited home internet and home wi-fi.

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