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Did you hear the sentences for Ahmaud Arbery's killers?

Asked by smudges (7822points) January 8th, 2022
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Life without the possibility of parole plus 20 years for two of them, life with the possibility of parole after serving 30 years for the other. The judge had a moment of silence before the sentencing. Gotta say. . .made my day!

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Excellent, about time .

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I heard, and it made me smile.

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Yes. Nothing less would have done.

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I felt relieved that justice was done.

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I dunno. More people in prison, yay. I’m somewhat satisfied by the conviction, but the system doesn’t get better until we start locking up corrupt prosecutors.

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Perfect. Justice is served.

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Though to be honest, I am against the life sentences. If you are sentencing someone to life without parole, why continue to pay to keep them alive? They are going to die eventually anyway without ever being allowed out of prison. This is a prime case in support of death penalties.

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I am satisfied but I wish Ahmed Arbery were still alive instead.

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I’m looking forward to the first prosecutor going on trial for turning his head to murder.

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@chyna – I agree, though there are way more prosecutors who should be imprisoned for knowingly locking up the innocent.

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Hopefully it sends a message to those who think that vigilante justice is the way to go. Hopefully they’ll think twice next time they want to go out with guns and chasing people down.

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As a resident of Georgia, I see this as a very good thing.

And as @chyna noted, the county prosecutor is dirty, too, and ought to go to jail as well.

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Very glad. I would be curious to know if all the other countries with citizens arrest laws have racially motivated issues.

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