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What internet sites do you miss?

Asked by filmfann (52217points) January 9th, 2022
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Sites that no longer exist, or have changed so much they no longer have the appeal they once did.
One for me is AOL Chatrooms. Used to be fun going there, meeting people, trivia contests, or discussions of movies or politics.
What did you like that’s gone?

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Well, this isn’t an actual site, but my GAWD I miss Flash! I played soooo many games that used it and they’re all gone now.

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I used to spend time in Yahoo chatrooms (never AOL), and then for a while in IRC-based chatrooms. I looked at them a couple years ago, and they have changed from being social friendly places to largely commercialized sales forums, and hate-filled as well.

I don’t miss Compuserve.

I don’t miss any particular site – I miss the days when internet sites were almost all free, and you didn’t encounter paywalls every time you went to a new site.

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Yahoo 360. I had a lot of blog friends.

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Earth 2025 free game.

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Gay dot com. It was the first big gay site. It had so much. The chat rooms were big. I remember both good chats and some trolls who made things revoltingly messy.

Now, that address leads to the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, a worthy cause.

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There was one where you could look up TV shows from way back and get dates, synopses, cast, etc., even back into live broadcasts from the fifties. The name was TV-something.

I enjoyed StumbleUpon too and didn’t know it was gone.

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Jade-leaves was a favourite of mine. It was a personal journal filled with “life, love, dreams and art” and had the most beautiful graphics I have seen on the internet. It ceased abruptly in 2000. I also miss StumbleUpon and was quite active there around 2008. @Jeruba perhaps our paths crossed at one time?

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The chat boards in the IMDB website

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It’s not really a specific site (though I do miss AIWOR/AIROW and, the predecessors to Fluther that led me here), but I miss the golden age of forums. Fluther itself is a relic of that time. Now social media has largely replaced forums, but there was something to be said for a site where you interacted with a wide variety of people and had to actually think about what you posted.

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I used to frequent a site called SensibleErection; members could post whatever they want, with links, and caption and word it how they want it.
Underneath the post was space to discuss/reply.
I think it had categories, and a points system.
Lots of porn pics were posted then (this was before the hubs and tubes), amongst other things, like politics, technology, culture, etc.
Later it was renamed flaccidsomethingsomething.
Most members had a South Park inspired avatar (mine was rebbel).

As per Urban Dictionary:
“Sensible Erection
The best weblog in the world, The Shiggity Shit, 5 time winner of the NZ net awards, a methaphor for big dicks, what kleenex made tissues for
Well I just surfed on to Sensible Erection and tried to get my hands on some Cathy pr0n, but it was to no avail, all I got was this crappy Cathy head pasted on to this transexuals body
by Phishfood July 23, 2003”

Ah yeah, they called it pr0n then…

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@rebbel Most members had a South Park inspired avatar (mine was rebbel).

Well THAT’S disturbing!

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Ah, that took me a minute….... :-)

If I remember correctly, there was a South Park character generator, online somewhere, then.

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