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What are some games in which you can play an evil main character?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24640points) January 9th, 2022
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Like Baldur’s Gate?

From any game from pen and paper to personal computer systems?

Preferably I would like to see a link to YouTube long play videos?

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Dungeon Keeper, War for the Overworld, Mafia, Hatred, Mass Effect, Hitman, Spec Ops: the Line, HunieCam Studio (You play as a pimp), Plague Inc, Tropico, Undertale (if you choose).

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@ragingloli Thanks, most of those games I have never heard of. Mass effect is the only name that I recognized, but never played.

Can you make your own destiny? Or Randomly launch a fireball in a pub like in Baldur’s Gate, with the game not ending? GTA I watched a sniper attacking endless police, and getting “wasted” from running out of bullets.

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Ohh I found a series that you can play as the bad guy. Command & Conquer.

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In GTA you are generally a chaotic good psychopath. You can be evil, but the game rarely acknowledges it.

Just playing DOA: Extreme beach volleyball probably makes you evil…

JFK Reloaded is a safe bet as playing as an unambiguously bad guy.

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There is also this classic Flash game, called “V-Tech Rampage”, where you can re-enact the Virginia Tech Mass shooting. The creator of that game, also made the game “Super Columbine Massacre RPG”, and “The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary”

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Some other games:

Evil Genius,

Dwarf Fortress (in adventure mode, you can wipe out entire communities, or try, anyway),

Carmageddon (bonus points for massacring multiple pedestrians at the same time!,


Dominions and Conquest of Elysium by Illwinter,

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If you want to stretch a point, don’t forget good old Clue. One of the characters is a murderer, and it could be the one you’re playing.

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Among Us where you can play the part of an imposter on a space ship. It’s a multiplayer game.

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There’s also the Betrayal series of board games, where the players all start on the same side, but then at some point, the game generally indicates that one player is now against the other players and operates on special rules based on what that (randomized) reason is. (See )

Similar but interestingly different is Dead of Winter, a game where everyone’s trying to survive a zombie apocalypse and freezing conditions, but each player also has their own individual secret goals.

Another more traditional (but far less interesting) board game is Lie, Cheat & Steal, where the players are all corrupt politicians buying votes and doing other corrupt things (but only with about as much agency as one has in Monopoly).

May as well mention Game of Thrones :

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