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Does anyone still use the word "cyberspace"?

Asked by ragingloli (51952points) January 15th, 2022
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What are some other words that used to be common just recently, but are now seen as “cringe”?

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Yes, it’s just been more normalized and less sensationalized. It’s used by the (US and British, anyway) military, some academics, and businesses which still use it to sound like they know about something sophisticated, or possibly to actually refer to the idea that there is a global environment created by the Internet which lets people almost anywhere communicate, get information, trade, and do other such activities.

A term that I hope has died is Microsoft’s attempt to coin “the 3-foot experience” and “the 10-foot experience” to try to hype their Windows Media Center Edition, which was designed to mainly be used with a TV-like remote control and TV in the living room rather than a physical keyboard at a desk.

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I hope it makes a comeback.

I wonder if the term “cybersex” being so similar ended up killing “cyberspace?”

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Worldwide Web

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“Cringe” is one.

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Cybersecurity is still extant as a term.

I haven’t heard a soul talk about “flattening the curve” in months.

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