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Is it true that Donald Trump is starting his own internet service provider or social media website?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24436points) February 6th, 2022
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So he can say whatever he wants without fear of being blocked?

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So that all of us can speak our minds without being censored. He acquiesced after pressure from all sorts of people. Since making his decision final, he did express a desire to be communicating with people in the moment again.

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He has failed twice or more times to get platform to spread his NAZI viewpoint.

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Mael tov to him. I hope he does start his own. That will make it easy to avoid.

But don’t for a moment think that it will be free wheeling and uncensored. The difference will be that he and his acolytes will be doing the censoring.

“This article”: explains how THEY will be doing censoring.

There’s no such thing as truly uncensored or unmoderated internet sites – they all have some level of editorial control. Look at the policies mentioned in the Newsweek article – they wull censor anything but “family friendly” posts—but ask yourself – who makes that decision?

If you politely disagree with Trump, will you be considered not-friendly?

@Patty_Melt don’t for a minute think that this is going to be any less censored than anything else. In fact, it sounds like it will be worse.

But look, if Trump wants to spend his millions on a big ego boost, let him.

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He may spend millions and millions of his “dumb” sponsors money, you know donate $50 to $500 a month to “Stop the Steal” ! !

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It has to be moderated otherwise it will be full of spammers and trolls.

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I think so, but tbh, I couldn’t care less. I guess it’ll be a place where everyone who’s been banned from Twitter and Reddit can hang out, but it certainly won’t be drama-free. There will be bans and questionable mod decisions and accusations of censorship just like anywhere else on the internet.

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@elbanfitoroso, you throw snark at me as if I have said certain things which I did not.

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The new site will likely be a giant echo chamber where right wingers can agree with one another. Maybe it will get rid of some of the trash on other social media sites.

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Donnie has scammed $150 million from his flock since the 2000 election, ostensibly to pay for his election plans for 2024. But he hasn’t said if he will run or not.

My guess is that someone told him “Donnie, you need to spend some of that money or people will get pissed off”, so he decided to put it towards this so-called replacement for Twitter.

If is is released as planned later this month – my guess is that it folds or is abandoned by the end of the year, if not earlier.

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You’ll probably be able to contribute to his campaign on the site, and buy Donnie merch (hats, bumper stickers, posters, books). All Donnie, All the Time!

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Yup, I can see him selling $15 ball caps for $27.50 plus shipping.

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Why should all vloggers get to sell personalized merch, but for Trump it would be wrong?

I can’t afford the merch, so I don’t have any, but nobody is forced to buy. If they are happy customers, so what?

Trump has actually said he is running in 24. Personally, I think he is contemplating a different office.

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Did anybody here say he shouldn’t sell his merch, @Patty_Melt?

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It isn’t being discussed in a positive light. I’m simply pointing out it is not worth evaluation.

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“Trump has actually said he is running in 24. Personally, I think he is contemplating a different office.”

Source please ‘cause he is collecingt campaign money which by law has to be audited ! !

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Any “snake-oil salesman” can sell anything they want !

Because ” there’s a sucker born every minute !”

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This calls it a hint, I think it sounds declarative. I can’t find a full video of his Arizona rally he just did, but he said it then. I watched it live.

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So he is now to be audited because he is running for President . ... NOT !

He has not declared he would run for President – - send him all your left-over change and all your belly button lint. I heard he loves belly button lint from porn stars !

He’s a loser and con-man.

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Yep, he started one. But it already is tainted because he has had to agree to certain censorship to get it onto Android and Apple app stores.

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I do not know this person that you speak of.

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