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Now that the news is out that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife was actively looking to overturn the 2020 Presidential election, do you feel differently about Clarence Thomas?

Asked by jca2 (16472points) March 25th, 2022
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Do you feel differently about Clarence Thomas now? Do you think he should retire? Do you think he should recuse himself from cases concerning the 2020 election?

I used to think of him as somewhat of a pioneer, being the second black man on the Supreme Court. Now, I’m leery.

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I’ve never liked him because of his extreme conservatism and I like him even less now. I hope he retires from the Court but I’m sure he won’t.

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It only reinforces how I felt about him since the Anita Hill incident.

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And how have you felt since the incident @Forever_Free???

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I’ve never liked him and I think he needs to be removed from office over this.

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If people had the ability to control the actions of their husbands or wives, there would be a much lower divorce rate.

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I was still a young child when he went in. His eyes look shifty to me, so I’ve never trusted him—yet, I’ve never found a reason to outright dislike him either

From the things his wife said, I’m finding it difficult to believe her though. Maybe they don’t discuss work all the time; but, I do believe they discuss it more often than she’s pretending that they do

Didn’t he just recently go into the hospital? Wonder if he was sick or only looking for some sympathy

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I didn’t like the way he treated Anita, so I’ve never really trusted him!!! Since he’s been in the hospital, I’m wondering IF there’s not a health issue there that they don’t want us to know??? Yes, I think it’s time for him to retire & yes, I think he should recuse himself on anything to do with the BIG lie!!!

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Same as what @janbb said.
I will add that we are walking on a dangerous path here. There is evidence that Justice Thomas should have recused himself on two prior cases. If impeachment proceedings begin against him, the Right will lose their shit, or what shit they can spare.

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I’ve never been a fan of Thomas, who is without question the most embarrassingly under qualified appointment to the court in my lifetime. But that being said, I will not fault him for his wife’s predilections other than to say that an individual may be judged by the company he keeps.

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@filmfann – the Right has plenty of shit to throw around. They are full of it!

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I think Thomas has some major issue at home and maybe in SCOTUS!

Get him out !

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So basically this guy blocked an investigation into trump because his wife told him to? That sounds pretty corrupt lol.

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I’m pretty sure that as with most American political issues, people made up their minds years ago and things like this don’t change anything.

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The one thing I will grant Thomas is his penchant for keeping his own mouth shut.

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No. I thought he was a piece of shit rapist before. I still do.

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Yep but his confirmation hearing taught his mediocre degenerate ass to shut the fk up.

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I never was fond of him, so this just adds to my negative feelings about the man. I think he and his wife should be investigated. My first reaction was maybe he should be impeached and removed, but I’m not sure the standards for that for the Supreme Court.

I think it’s ironic conservatives have been talking about when a Justice should recuse themselves. I usually feel a spouse cannot be held responsible for their spouse’s actions unless there is a specific connection to show the spouse was knowing or colluding or instigating the other spouse, but that’s where I’m thinking the Thomas’ need to be investigated, at minimum questioned, but I would go farther.

From the article: In January, the court declined to block the Jan. 6 committee from obtaining Trump White House records over the objection of only one justice: Clarence Thomas. Not one other Justice agreed with Thomas.

As far as I’m concerned his wife is looney tunes QAnon. I put her with those who believe Trump is part of the second coming of God. I don’t know if Thomas is that looney or not, but it seems to me he won’t be able to think straight in matters regarding Jan 6, and anything where his wife’s or his own actions might be questioned.

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I am surprised that the spouse of a Supreme Court justice could have so much influence.

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@LostInParadise: She’s been politically active her whole life. This makes her influential to her spouse and to politics:

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No. It’s actually quite common for people who rise to that level to be politically active and to marry to others who are politically active. I disagree with the Trump ‘stolen election’ BS claims, but I also disagreed with the ‘Russian collusion’ narrative Hillary and Obama pushed during and after the 2016 race in an effort to discredit Trump.

Neither was based on evidence. Both were just partisans being partisan. This, unfortunately, is how modern politics has been done for awhile now. There are no more great statesmen.

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