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Why is it ok for God to want praise and worship and for humans it is bad?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24591points) March 25th, 2022
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How does it feel like to be praised and worshiped? Is it the final stage of human desire from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

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It’s not ok.

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If there is a god, who says he/she/it wants praise and worship? The bible? written by humans who had no clue?

No, it has nothing to do with Maslow. He would never advocate that we strive for praise/worship!

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Might makes right. He will turn you into a pillar of salt if you do not cower before him, and if you are especially unlucky, he will add tastebuds to the inside of your anus.

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Man is not supposed to equate himself with God. God is praised & worshiped by man & we are not His equal so we are NOT!!!

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What an ego “God” would have!

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I have always loved this exchange on SG1:

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@RedDeerGuy1 I do not believe it is bad for humans to want praise.

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Similar questions have been asked before. God needs this adulation because it is essentially insecure and is striving for legitimacy.

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It’s not. This is one of the many things that makes no sense to me when it comes to religions that require constant praising and worshipping of God.

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If God created us with all our flaws, then He can’t expect our unconditional praise, He must take some of the blame.

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One reason among many for being an atheist. You may be interested in Bertrand Russell’s essay Why I am not a Christian

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God made me. He restores me. I love my creator. Of course I praise and worship him.

I have no desire to be worshiped.

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I’m not quite a god, but I am definitely worthy of praise and worship.

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It’s neither good nor bad. Look at pro athletes. You think most of them don’t want praise and worship?
Same with highly driven people. They want admiration

If that’s what you want, go for it.

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All hail King @Kropotkin!!!

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God doesn’t crave praise and worship, God desires expression of love to all. The praise and worship construct is from temporal leaders wanting to control people. It is people who declared sacrifice your best crops, livestock, and money to the temple/church/ashram to show your adulation.

But God never asked that of. People, God only asks you to love your neighbor and your enemy.

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Worship people. That’s hysterical. Worshipping a shark would make more sense because at least they help to keep the ocean clean and every once in a while they bring down the stupid population numbers. Not by much, but they try.

I also look at God like a parent. Not always perfect in our eyes and I don’t believe in need of worshipping like the Greek Gods but wanting a connection to his children(us). And just like any parent. We want to be loved and appreciated and not see our children hurt each other or mess up the house (planet). But I hate to break it to the big guy or gal. We suck.

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God created the whole universe and life. If God didn’t exist no one would be here.

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if you believe that, @KRD

If you’re not a believer in god and fairly tales, you look for a scientific answer.

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Not everyone believes in the same way, @KRD. Maybe write your answers as your opinion, rather than trying to state them as a fact.

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I’m here @KRD, without God’s help.

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Good point @smudges.

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