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If God or, the church, was to give individuals a bill at the end of their life what would the bill be?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24591points) March 27th, 2022
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A bill with an itemized receipt.

For sins and divine intervention prayed for? You can get deductions for good works and could even get a profit at the end?
You can include groups, businesses, and countries.

Humor welcome.

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If anything, the Catholic Church should make payments to Jews and Muslims for all that were put to death in the name of Catholocism dating back to the Crusades.

At last word, the Church as not a for profit (although maybe a for-prophet) organization, so they have no basis for charging anything.

Here’s the real problem with the church charging for stuff—would they be liable for refunds if the stuff you prayed for didn’t come true?

And further, in general US commerce, there is an expection of good operation and use of the item sold. (except as specifically noted ‘As is” or similar)

How can the Church promise that their products were good and effective?

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Pure Hell.

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Hopefully…“A get out of Hell FREE card”!!!

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Nothing. Jesus already paid the debt for our sins while being crucified on the Cross. Happy Easter!

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It was in Jesus’ name that many sins were committed by the church.

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I’d bill him. It’s all his fault, after all.

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It would be a joke. I always thought that if there was a “God,” he would have a great sense of humor.

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The God I believed in did have a good sense of humor. He also appreciated my questions, even though he couldn’t answer them. Unlike earthly persons, who also couldn’t answer my questions.

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I’m sure I’ll owe something.

I’d fight the charges, but you gotta go to hell to find a really good lawyer.

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@Dutchess_III – I have a sense of humor, I appreciate your questions, and I’ll answer them – but I’m usually wrong.

Just for the record though, I’m not God.

You’re welcome.

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LOL! Of course you’re not God @JLoon! God has a penis. Everybody knows that.

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@Dutchess_III – YEAH!
Those things are everywhere in the Bible!

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TBH, I don’t really care about the bill and all, as long as I get to meet “the God”, I’m fine with any bill they give me. And I hope they’re open to questions because I’ve got plenty.

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@Sam4One – Be ready for the Penis, though.

It’s huge.

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At one time, the Church took this point of view, selling indulgences to allow sinners to get into Heaven.

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I would duck the bill.

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Who deserves more, the religious person who acts morally in order to get into Heaven, or the non-believer who, in the words of the Humanist Society slogan, manages to be “Good without God”?

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I was raised that those who show up to church on Sunday to “act moral” will be standing at the gates of hell to shake my hand when I arrive

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I act morally without going to church or living in fear of what God may do to me if I don’t.

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I don’t see why Heaven is such a great place to strive for. All we have is a lot of marketing propaganda from perople with a self-interested outcome, but no actual experiences of people who have gone to heaven and reported back.

At least if you read advertising from Hawaii or Cancun or Tahiti, you can get real evalutations of whether it’s worth visiting.

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Some people “act moral” so others will think they are good people. Others “live” moral because they really are good people

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