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If Elon Musk buys Twitter does that include Fluther?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23535points) April 14th, 2022
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I thought that Twitter purchased Fluther a couple of years ago.

What would the purchase mean for us?

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I’ve been wondering the same thing…guess we’re getting ready to find out!!!

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Oh my! Now I’m wondering.

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I just googled this and found this, saying “Fluther continues to exist as an independent product.”

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Maybe he’ll read the threads about himself?! Haha.

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@jca2 Your link says acquired by Twitter.

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@jca2 Ok I read the rest. Thanks.

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Fluther has never been part of Twitter. Twitter recruited Ben and Andrew but didn’t want Fluther so that remained independent.

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@janbb Thanks for the info.

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I wonder if Ben and Andrew think of this place like an old girlfriend.

Do they remember the good times? Have they ever called by mistake and then had some awkward conversation about weather? Are they glad we’re not pregnant? Will they ever say our name during sex with someone else, and then pretend they were belching?

All I know is, if Elon wants me I better get dinner first.

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I see this as Elon flexing his rich ass muscles at a board who made him an offer to join that he could most definitely refuse!!! It’s his way of saying FU & you are FIRED!!! The offer extended to him must have been pretty insulting to say the least…although we’ll probably NEVER know what he was offered!!!

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@all I am wondering if Musk would unban Trump from Twitter?

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@JLoon I think Ben and Andrew probably think of Fluther like an old girlfriend. You like that you keep in touch, but it’s occasionally a pain when when they need you to help move.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Now, you have me wondering whether Musk would ban Trump from Fluther.

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If @Ben lets him.

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If Trump joined Fluther, he wouldn’t necessarily have to say who he is.

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Being the coward that he is, he’d probably remain quiet…Yet, being the misogynist that he is, he’d come out keyboard a blazing…Most don’t understand how utterly amazing I am.

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@LadyMarissa He would declare, “I am the singularly smartest person in the world” ! ! !

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^^^ The moment he posts, “I’m, like, a genius…a stable genius,” his anonymity is uncovered.

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It seems that Twitter has added a Poison Pill to slow down or stop his crusade. I’m wondering what is really going on right now???

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Sometime in the past I invited President Trump to join Fluther.

Elon would have a lot of fun with Fluther, if he ever stumbles across it. He has unanswered questions too, unlikely though it may seem.
I think if he ever posts a question here, it would have a wordy details segment.

I think he would get a kick out of the anonymity.

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