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[Deliberately asking in General area] How long after the effective date of the (assumed) Supreme Court decision will we begin to have news stories about back-alley abortions with coat hangers?

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Remember that prior to Roe vs Wade, those types of news stories were plentiful because women did not have access to the medical care they needed, so they did it themselves.

And plenty of them died.

My guess is that we start seeing stories like this in the restrictive states within a week or two after the expected decision.

Then police will start arresting poor women for being pregnant, and locking them up ‘for their own good’.

We have seen this play out before.

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We won’t hear of this. At all. There will and should be organizations that pop up almost overnight that supply aide to those who cannot afford to leave the state outlawing abortion to have said procedure at one that does.

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I feel that will hinge on how long after that the morning after pill is outlawed!!!

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I do think there will be some of what you are saying, especially for the poorer class.
I think the Rep/cons are totally insane with this one worse than normal.

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Almost immediately!

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Within weeks there will be illegal abortions, but we won’t hear about them until there are some deaths and the family members start to speak out.

I think we will hear about services that take women to states where it is legal and it wouldn’t surprise me if places that do abortions start becoming very threatened with violence again. I think protests at planned parenthood and similar will ramp up again and maybe even some lunatic mass shooting and bombs like we used to hear about. I really hope I’m wrong.

Are the states that will make abortions illegal be including making the day after pill and abortion pill illegal?

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These things will be done in secret because they will be illegal. And mutilated and dying women will likely not even be dumped outside of hospitals like they used to be, because of the ubiquitous presence of cameras. Wounded women are unlikely to seek medical help after botched procedures for fear of being arrested.

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Grief-stricken mothers and grandmothers will tell stories amongst themselves. I am so sad to live in these times.

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I just watched Meet The Press from Sunday and some states some forms of birth control and day after and abortion pills would be illegal if the Supreme Court voted as we fear.

Michigan would revert back to such strict laws that the fear would be all procedures that are the same for aborting as helping women who are pregnant with a fetus that is dying or miscarrying, but need medical intervention to complete the miscarriage will not be able to get care. This can lead to severe health risks and even death. Why would any doctor want to be an obstetrician and risk going to jail for helping their patient? Currently, the political leaders at the state level in Michigan won’t enforce the laws, but they won’t be in charge forever.

I always say pro-choice advocates keep abortion and pregnancy safe for the pro-lifers.

From what I’ve read, 50% of women who miscarry have a D&C done. Why would a doctor want to have to worry about being questioned by the police if they perform one?

Maybe when some pro-lifers die or their daughters die they will wake up, if someone dares from that group to speak out.

Mitt Romney used to say he was pro-choice, because a family member died from an illegal abortion. He left that stance when he ran for President, you know he had to cater to the right wing of the party. I wonder where he is at now?

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It still happens. It just doesn’t make the news in the same way as it did prior.

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