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Is it weird that I went back to work in the middle of the night to do something I forgot to do?

Asked by Cindy1302 (499points) 1 week ago
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I work for a commercial cleaning company. We go around and clean offices. I was emptying the trashes today and putting a new trash bag in. There are a lot so its easy to forget some. I already forgot a couple and my boss let me know. I couldn’t let it happen again. My shift ended at 8 pm. I was just about to go to bed at 12 am and remembered I forgot to put a trash back in one of the cans, so I drove back to the office building, unlocked the door and quickly put a trash bag in and left. I just really need this job and don’t want to get fired.

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It’s not weird but it’s a good reminder to you in the future to double check before you leave each place, to make sure you did everything.

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That could be dangerous. Who knows how many alarms you set off.
At my place there would be a significant police presence if you tripped the security system.

Go in early if you have to.

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Good point by @LuckyGuy. If you go to an office building at night, when nobody is around, and someone bad is lurking in the parking lot and tries to hurt you, nobody will be around to know or to help you.

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Well it’s super weird for sure. Anything could happen at midnight since it’s not your usual time to go out anyway. Even if the office building is next to your apartment complex, one wouldn’t simply intrude there at midnight. So many things could go wrong.

If there’s next time and you forget something (we’re human and mistakes like these do happens a lot, can’t be helped), just make a reminder to do this work next day first thing in the morning instead. It’s much safer this way.

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Please don’t do it again. It could appear that you have gone back to steal something.

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It don’t think it’s “weird” (whatever that means) as your thinking is clear and reasonable.

The safety issue may or may not exist, depending on the office. I’ve certainly had some offices that were entirely safe in the middle of the night.

@LuckyGuy may have a great idea though about just setting your alarm early and doing it on your way to your next day’s work, instead. Again, depends on specifics.

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If anything untoward were to happen, you could be liable, or you could be injured, or you could be arrested, or you could be fired.
“Weird” isn’t the issue here, lack of clear thinking is.

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And I know you didn’t ask for advice on how to do your job, but I’m going to suggest something anyway.
You could make up a check list for each area you are assigned to and when you are done with that area, get your check list out and check off each task you were to do in that area. After a while, you won’t need the checklist, but for now, you could try it.

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I think it’s fine, I come into work late all the time (usually just because I feel like it, but occasionally because I forgot something).

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@BeeePollen, but that is probably your workplace, right?—your cubicle or office, your desk, your belongings. You aren’t a transient who passes through to do a maintenance job and then leaves. Different relationship to that environment.

I think all the cautions here are reasonable and wise. @Cindy1302, I wish all your questions weren’t about being “weird” or “a bad person.” That’s just a distraction from your real question. And in some of your questions, I think you’re just wording them that way in order to tell us what you’ve been doing. In this case, I think what you’re asking is “was it ok?” or “should I have?” and nothing to do with weirdness. Makes it sound like you are obsessed with labeling your behavior and everyone else’s.

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I cleaned an office at night as a side job for a few years. I never communicated with the daytime occupants.

Today, having grown older and wiser, I know I should have checked in regularly, in person or by phone. “Is the cleaning job good? Any suggestions?”

In this case, I would call your boss the next morning, explain what happened, and ask if that was a good solution.

Short answer: Don’t wonder and worrry about how you are doing. Ask questions and offer information.

I wish I could deliver this advice to my younger self

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Nope, but write yourself a list of everything you have to do and before you leave,go back and check it off. Most phones have a to-do list. Use that.

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I completely understand, but be very careful. You are exposing yourself to many uncertainties.

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Not weird. You wanted to do the job well. If there was a safety concern please next time call someone who can be on the phone with you when you walk into the building and who will know you are safe and sound getting back to your car.

I agree with the suggestion above make a check list for yourself so you are less likely to forget something. It’s so easy to forget.

You probably know this already, but it might be best to get a very specific routine down so you are more likely to complete all tasks.Maybe you already do that and this was just one of those times you missed something. It can happen to anyone.

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Yeah, that’s pretty fucking weird.

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Yes. Next time use a check list.

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Maybe she is at the office when no one is around anyway. She goes to clean after working hours probably.

Maybe the right thing to do is let her boss know she had to return to the office. Depends on the company and the boss.

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It sounds unreasonable but perhaps yur employer may view the video scan and think otherwise, as if you had/could steal something ( reports,documents, etc)

If they did view it , you will be called in to explain or just to let you know that it was or was not acceptable and warning you not to do that.On e the ohter hand IF no surveilance camera..then youroff the hook.

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At my place any activity after working hours trips one of many motion sensitive cameras and sends the live video feed to someone’s phone.

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Video would likely show she wasn’t stealing anything. Especially, if there are multiple cameras. It will show her fixing her mistake.

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^ Yep. Which is why the police didn’t show up 45 seconds later.

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Also consider that it might violate the contract to be in the building at certain hours.

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Not wierd at all. I suspect you won’t forget again after that.

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Yes, it’s weird.

I’m sure the description for this job is for a specific window of time. Showing up after hours is not appropriate.

This could have set of security cameras or alarms. Not to mention issues of liability.

It might have been slightly less weird if you had gone back right away and it happened to just be past closing. But coming back at midnight looks pretty shady.

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