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What is the point of protective gear when disarming bombs?

Asked by Pandora (31757points) May 17th, 2022
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Today, I saw a video of a Ukrainian disarming a ship mine that was washed ashore. They covered the tips so they wouldn’t be triggered and carried it off to explode someplace safe. Someone stated it was fake because they were not wearing bomb gear. I think it was real enough. But my question was what is the point of bomb gear? Is it so you end up in fewer pieces? I mean if it can blow a hole on a ship in water then I don’t see bomb gear saving anyone.

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“When a bomb strikes a blast-resistant suit, the force is diminished by the suit’s tightly woven fibers. These fibers spread the blast’s force throughout the suit. Ballistic plates help deflect force and repel the shrapnel and secondary fragmentation. The heat and flames produced by a bomb will be neutralized by the flame-resistant quality of the suit”

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If the mine is for a 100 ton or more ship; a blast suit won’t help.

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It’s for bombs which might be worthwhile to mitigate with armor. You’re right that anti-ship mines probably are too much to hope to survive with armor. On the other hand, sometimes a bomb might fail to completely detonate, in which case armor might be very good to have on.

And sometimes organizations which disarm bombs have rules about how to act, that are one-size-fits-all designs.

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To trick the solders into defusing dangerous bombs.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I think so.

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All the padding and armor makes it easier to find the body parts.

But seriously, @cheebdragon‘s answer is factually correct. Most of the demining being done in Ukraine and in warzones around the world involves smaller antipersonnel mines with an explosive charge of 100 grams or less. These make up over 80% of the lethal stuff deliberately scattered and left behind during combat.

For explosives in this category protective gear can and does save the lives of the specialists working to remove them.

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Well, I would say protection . It could be biological or chemical. You can’t always tell from the outside. Well, in the movies. I know very little about this subject but thank goodness there is some amount of protection for those brave souls who work to disarm bombs.

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