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Is Tommy Emmanual, guitar player, a human mortal?

Asked by LuckyGuy (43657points) June 19th, 2022
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He was at the Jazz Festival in Rochester, NY today and played this Beatles medley. Tommy Emmanuel . I was moved to tears. Really! He can’t be human!
Look where he has the capo during the first song, “Here Comes the Sun”. Then notice how quickly he removes it to go into the next song. He doesn’t miss a beat.
He plays both parts of songs simultaneously. The guy is incredible.
I’ve never seen anything like this. Have you?

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Not bad.

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Occasionally he even sings parts of the song while he’s playing.

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I’ve seen a few amazing guitarists in my day. He is entertaining.

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I met Tommy and wife at a charity event… Both the nicest people!!

And he does what he does with such heavy gauge strings! My fingers
tired after an hour. (I tried) How does he play like that? PRACTICE!

I met his fellow countrymen Michael Fix, just the nicest guys. How do I know?
Even while on stage they will talk to you, but first ask your name.

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Pretty amazing.

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@WhyNow Wow! You met him?!?!?!
So…. it appears he really is human. And a nice guy too! :-)

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He’s an EXTREMELY talented human mortal who grew up in Australia & taught himself to play when he was 7 y/o after listening to Chet Atkins play. He just turned 67 so he has 60 years experience. Watch this, he makes it look so easy. On top of everything else, he LOVES what he does & that part makes me question whether or not he’s really human!!!

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@LuckyGuy Tommy did a TED presentation, I just don’t have time to find
called ‘One man band’ I think. Did you catch it?

@LadyMarissa I love to listen to Chet Atkins! I try to imitate his riffs.
And I’m not embarrassed to admit it.

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@WhyNow The link I left above is the TED presentation where Tommy breaks down everything & makes it look so simple. He also stated that he cannot read nor write a note of music. Yes, Chet Atkins was amazing in his own right!!!

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@WhyNow He also said in the TED that Chet said he was one of the most fearless guitar players he had ever met & I see that as quite the compliment!!!

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Busted again by @LadyMarissa Lady M!

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I just watched his TEDx presentation. Oh my….. I love the way he described his one man band.

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You’re welcome @WhyNow!!! ;}

@LuckyGuy I love the way he says he’s in the HAPPINESS BUSINESS which further expresses his love of his job!!! I’d think that performing 300 days out of the year would take some of the fun out of it, but his passion still shines through!!!

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@LadyMarissa The happiness business. Nice.
When he started playing “Here’ Comes the Sun”, I welled up inside. It was difficult for me to talk.

Look at his performance. No flashy clothes, no auto tune, no fireworks, no backup dancers…
Just talent producing beautiful music.

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No. But my guitar playing brother, who is another story, is one.

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@kritiper How lucky you be!

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You’re about to go down a rabbit hole if you like this. There are a good number of highly talented guitarists that choose choose acoustic fingerstyle as their modus operandi to showcase their virtuosity. They don’t get the respect they deserve. Here is a small taste:
Preston Reed
Andy McKee
Ed Gerhard

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^^ My favorite finger picking guitarist is Mississippi John Hurt.

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@LuckyGuy & @WhyNow You might want to watch this interview with Tommy explaining how he comes up with his ideas. It’s a lot more interesting than his TED Talk!!!

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@LadyMarissa The interviewer, Rick Beato, is quite a talented musician. (He is also from Rochester, NY, home of The Eastman School of Music.)
I enjoy his videos.

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@LuckyGuy I’d like to thank you for providing me with a very pleasant evening last night!!! I belong to the Amazon Music Club & I had the pleasure of a full evening of Tommy Emmanuel playing in the background as I went about my night. I ended buying several of his albums in the mp3 format so I can add them to my player in my car & take him with me everywhere I go!!! :)

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