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What was last thing you saw that made you think: "we are living in Society"?

Asked by Koxufoxu (1450points) August 1st, 2022
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Mine was when I realised that when you argue about sonic the hedgehog related topic with other sonic the hedgehog fan on internet. That there is 50/50% chance that he either is 10 years old kid or 32 years old guy living in their parents basement

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To me it’s how some people can make an entire quarrel out of a cartoon that doesn’t even mean to have any deep meaning or ambiguous interpretation at all.

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@Mimishu1995 what Cartoon do you have on mind?

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“we are living in Society”? I once saw a kind of disheveled man drinking a cup (paper)
of coffee standing at a corner. A passerby dropped some change into the cup! WTF?

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I guess the last time that happened when right now when a person’s question was very difficult to parse, but because it was the internet, I had to guess it was a question about the internet, because I couldn’t ask the asker a follow up, or infer anything by their inflection or tone of voice.

And don’t knock basements, or mooching off your parents. Rich kids expect a portion of their parent’s resources. The narrative of the pathetic basement dweller (as opposed to the inspired genius in his garage) just sucks money from the poor to feed the landlords.

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@Smashley what “narrative”? I searched many unseen parts of internet. Its not narrative, its reality. Very sad one. But people really need to wake up. I thought they would after sonichu bubble bursted a year ago. But I see most of people still think that they are myth

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The narrative that people who live with their parents are pathetic. No one applies it to a rich kid getting an interest and tax free loan from a parent to buy a house. It’s just sharing resources within a family. He story that it is pathetic is a corporatist lie designed to keep people poor.

Chris Chan isn’t typical of anything and can’t be used as an example of anything.

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@Koxufoxu in some countries children are encouraged to stay with their family to help support their elderly parents. Most adult kids in these cultures have a job, sometimes even high-paying one.

And this is the first time I’ve heard such thing as “Sonichu bubble”. As if Sonichu is some kind of investment that got sour after a while. Or are you referring to that incident with Chris Chan that got him locked up last year? If you think he got to that point in time solely because he lived with his parents, then you don’t know enough about Chris Chan to make a statement. Maybe start by reading through the Wiki page of him?

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I wonder if @Koxufoxu is another bot…

It’s question is questionable!

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@smudges nah. I think he’s just a kid who hasn’t experienced life enough. His speech is consistent with a kid that age.

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Why people on this site are so literal. Yes Chrischan got to where he is not only because he lived with parents. I have read a lot about him. And Yes I am aware of other cultures having bigger bound with their famillies, I am in one of them. But that doesnt mean its norm to have your adult Kids for example have full room if mlp and get kicked out of doordash for being too aggressive and overspeeding or roads while shouting n word to everyone around. Or a dude who have atleast half of milion (dude got into crypto fast) , to show you that money doesnt really matter. Dude lives from house to house in bunny pijams while getting high and explainig to some other weirdo history of pedophilia. I dont know if you think I am still a kid, if yes then whatever. But I am almost 18 and I am not native English speaker. But I see narrative of “we support you untill you stop having same opinion” continutes

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@Koxufoxu are you moving the goalpost now? Your first posts were about people living with their parents, and now you are talking about some extreme cases of mentally ill people doing what mentally ill people do. You can still live alone in your own house and have creepy obsessions. There have been cases of people acting out on their creepy obsession and not living with their parents. Mentally ill people will be mentally ill, this has nothing to do with living with anyone. Chris Chan just happens to be mentally ill and living with his parents.

And do you know how old most of us are? Not to mention you haven’t even reach the age of consent. I think it’s totally reasonable to refer to you as your age. Or do you want to be regarded as as a bot instead? If you aren’t aware, there has been a user who was accused of being a bot because of their strange grammar and was banned aggressively by the mods until it was proven otherwise. I was actually helping you deflect the hysteria away right there.

And I am also not a native English speaker.

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@Mimishu1995 I am not moving anything, is there any rules that every question has to do with one topic? I asked question and gived example, didnt want to talk about lolcows. I know its not about living with parents I am not stupid, thats just what I said to not talk too long offtopic. I didnt reach what age of consent? You mean sex? I reached it over 2 years ago, alcohcol I wil reach in few months. Same as most of rights including right to vote. Not every place has same rights, you are old enought to know that. I am fine with you calling me a kid. Its kinda funnyhow a “supportive” communitty can call someone liveless like a bot just becuase they arent from some said place. Thanks for helping but if mods really like to loose users just becuase they have trouble with language, Then thats their choice. I wouldnt do it myself, but every men and women has right too choose IG

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@Koxufoxu in your very detail, you said “32 years old guy living in their parents basement”. Then @Smashley said it’s not living with parents that is the problem. They you said you have been on the dark corner of the Internet and you know it’s true and people need to “wake up”. Then I came and reenforced @Smashley‘s answer by an example of cultures that allow people to stay with their family. And then now you are all “of course I know all of that. And I’m not saying living with parents are the problem”. That’s moving the goalpost. You are denying what you were saying earlier as if it wasn’t your point at all. That’s not how you conduct a civil debate.

As for your other point, have you ever read the guideline of Fluther? If you have ever taken a look at it, you will definitely see that it’s our policy that posts are well-written. It’s just the rule of this website and every website has their own rules. You just have to learn to integrate into the community. I’m not a native speaker, but you never see me complain about the rule being so harsh. Because I know I have to do what the Greeks do when in Rome. If following the rules of this website is too much for you, then you are free to find another community that is better for your taste.

And you can’t really blame @smudge for calling you a bot either. The incident with that user has been damaging to the community so the scar is still there. Not to mention what you are saying can be too strange for people who are not that familiar with the Internet culture.

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@Mimishu1995 its just how we often call lolcows and other weirdos on internet in the communitty of people who study them. I first in my life saw someone who started to argue about some stupid name. I just didnt know what to write. I have read the guidelines and I am trying my best to write correctly. Also about reading, do you see that big redtext on top? Thats the question and everything else on bottom of post is desciption, in this situation its example of anwser that you can give. I never wanted to talk here about landlord situation in US or anything like that. And also I dont blame him for calling me a bot, I never did. He can call me whatever name he wants. At this point of my life I dont really care

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I aimlessly shuffled into a supermarket yesterday morning. Wondering around the
produce section I saw some women choosing some fruit…

I mean studiously squeezing, smelling, really checking out every piece. I was thinking
why is she doing all that? Why all that fuss? Is there really a difference? After a little
while a man with three children came by and she loaded her stuff into the shopping
cart and they walked away again.

And I realized she was feeding her family. Is that society?

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^^ . . .and getting the best produce for her money, even if it takes a little longer.

TBH, I didn’t really know what the OP was talking about when I first read the question. I still don’t, and now the OP has gone off on a meaningless babbling tangent.

And yes, in the U.S. and many other countries, 17 is still considered a child.

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@smudges are you aware of the “we live in a society” meme? Look it up and you will at least have some idea of what the question is about.

And yeah, we kind of went off-topic there. Don’t mind it :P

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@Mimishu1995 Looked it up and now I get it, but it would have been clearer in the beginning if the OP had added an “a”, as in, “we are living in a society.”

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@smudges…and getting the best produce for her FAMILY, even if it takes a little longer.

That realization moved me. That’s all I’m saying.

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^^ Gotcha, I was just elaborating. I do like your example.

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