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Does anyone have insightful ways for me to get both, i.e., money for the plastic surgery, retirement and not be locked into a low rent apartment?

Asked by gentleman2222 (45points) 6 days ago
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I am 64 years old and at a crossroads. I would like to undergo plastic surgery in Korea. Of course, there is a significant cost to doing this. I could get my social security early (with a penalty of course) to pay for this plastic surgery. By doing this, I would get the benefit of the plastic surgery.

On the other hand, if I didn’t spend my money on plastic surgery, I could spend my money on retirement and possibly not be locked into a low rent apartment.

May I kindly ask: does anyone have insightful ways for me to get both, i.e., money for the plastic surgery, retirement and not be locked into a low rent apartment?

I truly appreciate your insightful answers!

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Don’t do the plastic surgery.

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It would really depend on what the plastic surgery was for. If you’re trying to correct for a serious medical disfigurement or something, I’d say take care of your health. If it’s just a vanity thing, I’d hard pass. Best wishes to you.

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Option 2 sounds pretty good to me. Low rent apt sounds awful. If only you could win even a small prize in the lotto…

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@gentleman2222 By the way, if you were talking about medically necessary surgery you woud have used “constructive surgery”? I went with that in my post above.

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You need to prioritize and maybe consider not doing everything at once.

Is the surgery optional? If so, you can put it off.

Why does the surgery involve going to Korea? If it’s cheaper in Korea, but you have to fly there, maybe it’s not so cheap.

Retirement is also something you might postpone, if you have to.

The issue with your rent was not clear to me by what you wrote, unless I am misunderstanding.

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@gentleman2222 Re. ..and not be locked into a low rent apartment?” why is low rent apartment necessarily a bad thing? I want to get locked into a low rent apartment unless the conditions are bad.

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Low rent apt.? Is your home low rent?

To clarify, rent is what you pay, home is how you live.

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Wait until you reach age 65 years old and then retire with full benefits.

Depends on the country that you live in but in Canada one can retire early and receive Canada Pension Plan, but not OAS ( old age security until age 65..which offers more money).

In the meantime one here can apply for Seniors Benefits until you reach age 65 or your income threshold does NOT exceed limits on recieving both.

I did retire at age 64 yrs old and but didn’t realize that I had a lime limit to register for OAS and so had to wait a year (June – June) to apply and got back pay for it.

I receive CPP ( Canada Pension) OAS ( Old Age Security) and Seniors Benefits, and as I live in a Seniors apartment block for independant living) ( Not a seniors home).

And receive a subsidized rent rate of which is prorated every year but is much better than the Community’s Rents ( sky rocked to one and a half more than I currently pay).

I have free laundry ( no coin operated) in the building plus the use of Vacuum cleaner plus a
huge coffee room for residents who wish to gather on occasions . And two huge patios one with a huge BBQ staion for outdoor Summer Parties.

I am two block distance to all ametities ( grocery store,Post Ofice,Doctors Office,Bus lines,etc

since I do not have a car and don’t miss the added expenses of having one either..If need be

I rent one to go out of Town or travel out of Town.. as its much cheaper and no hassels for
car maintenance, car insurance etc

On top of that all Big Restaurants ( Lodge Resort) offers Free Christmas Meals and festivities every year to train their staff and get ready for hundreds of Tourists who come for Christmas .

Factor in all the things mentioned above and do a COST – Benefit analysis for your best choices.

After all that You can then decide is budgeet allows ( it should) for your surgery).

Added bonus..a big Recreation centre that subsidizes senior rates to make it affordable to keep healthy and in shape.

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For the OP, he should be eligible for full SS and Medicare benefits at age 65 so that is only 1 year away. Why settle for early (reduced) benefits?

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