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If you are short less than $2 would you borrow from your childrens piggy bank?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24195points) August 7th, 2022
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Or would that be uncool? For any reason. From gas to delivery fee for pizza?

Humor welcome:

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I would make sure that I would never run THAT short. But hypothetically if that were to happen, yes I would but I would give it back as soon as possible with big interest! :)

Now for all those bad decisions to get me to that point. lol

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You don’t rob the bank. Why TRAIN your kids to loot your pockets or purse at will? Ask THEM for the money, just as they are accustomed to hitting you up. It’s not a bad idea to place that shoe on the other foot every now and then. Come to think of it, it would be a waste of time with the girl who (like her mother) will give away anything she owns at the drop of a hat. The 2 of them are one of the great jokes fate has played on me.

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Never. Never.

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NO, wouldn’t “borrow” without asking them for a “loan” complete with interest!!! I wouldn’t want them “borrowing” from my purse; & as the parent, I should set a good example!!!

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I’ve left plenty of IOU notes in my kids’ piggy banks. And also from the swear jar.

I’ve paid them back every time!

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@RayaHope It’s usually to tip the delivery person! It’s not that I’m short for the bill. It’s that I’m short on cash for tips.

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@raum perfectly understandable :) I first took this Q as if you were short on rent or something needing more money, like taking your kid’s money to make a car payment. lol (must have some rich kids)

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I would take a little until I get a good job and pay them back.

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I wouldn’t be ordering food delivery IF I couldn’t afford the tip!!!

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It’s not that I can’t afford the tip. Sheesh. I could easily put it on my credit card. I just borrow a few dollars because people usually appreciate cash.

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