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How to get the “edit post” option back on Facebook?

Asked by Kardamom (33279points) August 20th, 2022
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Yesterday, after I made a Facebook post, I went back several hours later and discovered I had made a typo and tried to use the “edit post” feature which until yesterday was located by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right hand section of the post.

The other options such as “delete post” and “edit privacy” and “add to album” are still there, but the option to “edit post” (which is the text) has disappeared. Now, to fix a typo, I would have to copy and paste (and fix) into a new post, this losing all the comments on the original post.

Any idea on how to get it back?

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Try going to “your” page. Find the post and edit.

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I have experienced this. Some time later the option has always reappeared.

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In order to research this, I went to a post I just made about an hour ago, in a secret group. I went to my post, which was kind of long, and I see that the three dots are not on the top right, but on the right side around midway down the post. So double check there.

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@jca2 Was your post an original post or a comment under an original post? The three dots are halfway down on comments, but in the upper right corner for the original poster.

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@SnipSnip It was on a comment under another person’s post. I’m going to look at a past post that I made (as the OP) and see if I see the dots.

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I just looked at posts I made as the OP, both in a group and on my own page, and I see the dots on the top right of the post, but granted, the posts were not long so the dots would be at the top right, as there’s no “middle” halfway to put the dots.

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Mine was an original post. I went back to it on my own page. The dots are there in the top right, but the option to “edit post” is gone.

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I know this is simplistic but did you try signing out and back into FB again?

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@janbb I didn’t think to try that, but I shall and will report back : )

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@Kardamom: You hovered your mouse over the dots? That’s when the “edit or delete” choices come up.

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I tried logging out and logging back in. That did not fix the problem. The dots are clearly there, but when I click on them, all the other options come up, except for “edit post” which has disappeared.

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I have the same problem – happened this morning on my iPhone and still hasn’t returned although Edit post appears on FB on my iPad. Have tried deleting app and reinstalling, resetting iPhone and logging out and into FB again. All to no avail!

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I’ve been having a lot of problems with FB in the past few months. My feed doesn’t always load, when I’m looking at a post in a group, the comments don’t always load. It’s annoying but weird. Maybe it’s something odd going on with yours, too, @Kardamom.

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I’ve found that when I’m trying to write a comment on a post it jumps out to the next post. I keep having to go back to continue posting.

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I posted something today from my phone to FB. When I looked at it on my desktop, the three dot drop downs did not include an Edit option but the post said Edit right under it. I assume you’re not seeing that anywhere?

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I am looking at it only on my phone Facebook (my computer needs to be fixed/replaced).

So when I click on the 3 dots it opens up a box that has these options only:

Pin post
Save post
Edit privacy
Move to archive
Move to trash
Turn off notifications
Add to album

As of about 2 days ago, there was also the option to “edit post” which meant the text or removal of a photo, or removal of a link. This option is no longer available, which is a problem because if you discover a typo, or need to add extra information, or change information, you can’t.

Another friend said the same thing happened to him today when he tried to fix a typo.

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