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Should any governments, world wide, be broken up? Like proposed for super large multinational businesses in the news?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23483points) September 3rd, 2022
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Seeing that some of them have an almost dictatorship like monopoly on power, and quantitative easing? Should we file an anti-trust lawsuit?

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Maybe yes, maybe no – some countries are too big and too dangerous.

But how?

You can’t externally break up a country. And no leader is going to do it voluntarily. This is a non-starter of an idea.

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Signs of evil in government should not be tolerated and the leaders of countries such as North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia placed in a special zoo for maladapted humanity where they might be safely inspected from a distance. Visitors would be permitted to throw rotten fruit at them for a suitable fee and the more adventurous could poke Putin with a stick.

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Love the expression “should not be tolerated”.

Who enforces that? The UN is worthless. And I have no interest in the US Army going in and overturning governments.

It’s fine and dandy to complain, but unless there is something action that can follow, it’s just words. And with evil governments, words mean nothing.

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@elbanditoroso It doesn’t just apply to countries, but to states, and cities.

I would like to add combining countries, states and provinces? like land locked countries, and provinces?

For example: Alberta is land locked and it is difficult to ship oil and gas over seas. Would it help if they joined with British Columbia and got the pipeline built?

Or any social engineering for giggles?

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Well I can see that in the far off future a One world government is comming.
Interesting link:

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@all What form of government would be on a moon or Mars base? Would Elon Musk be in charge?

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That would become a dictatorship if Elon Musk in charge.

“dictatorship, form of government in which one person or a small group possesses absolute power without effective constitutional limitations.”

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By whom?


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@SnipSnip The Super United Nations v3.0

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