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What tips and tricks can your share for conserving water in a time of drought?

Asked by janbb (62796points) September 8th, 2022
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We’ve had a very dry summer here in the Northeast and who knows if it will improve. I’ve come up with a few ways to conserve water and would like to hear more.

One thing I do is use a bucket to water hanging planters and catch the run through back in the bucket. I’m trying to remember to turn off the shower while soaping and shampooing. And thinking of getting a dishpan to catch dish washing water to water the garden – but that might be too soapy.

I feel that water is becoming an increasing problem world-wide.

Any other tips you can share?

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Put a bucket in your shower to collect “warm up” water until you get in. That water can be used for other uses.

If you have a dishwasher or washing machine, hook up a long hose to them to collect “grey” water that can be used for toilets or for other non potable needs, such as in the garden. And, of course, only use such machines with a full load.

The most basic for toilet use:
“If it’s yellow, let it mellow.
If it’s brown, flush it down.”

Shower with a friend.

Don’t run the water continually while brushing teeth or shaving, but only turn the spigot when needed to wet or rinse.

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All good thoughts. I’ve thought of the bucket in the shower but haven’t done it yet. I do do the toilet thing and try to remember to turn off the water while brushing teeth.

Now I need to find a friend to shower with but I’m not sure if that would save water!

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@janbb said “Do Do!”
I installed Rain Barrels on each of my downspouts. I use the water for my garden or flowers.
I put a couple bricks in the water closet of the toilet.
I have an Outhouse on one of my properties and proudly use it.
With Covid and working remote I am able to cut my wash machine use way down. More nekedness helps this as well.
Put in a rain shower outside to shower nekked with a friend.
I try to only by products that are solids and not water based. Soaps, detergents, etc are mostly water.

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Pee while showering.
While soaping/shampooing turn off shower, turn on to rinse (I do that in Greece, to save hot water (more people need it, but there’s only so much)).
Water saving shower head.
Put a brick in the water reservoir of the toilet.

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We only ran a few small loads of laundry each week, and used paper plates to do less dishes.
We dont really have a water issue but conserving resources is a way of life.
Also recommend a 2 liter or bricks in back of toilet.

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We put in a hot water recirculation system to avoid doing the bucket in the shower thing. I put a timer on it so that the pipes are not losing heat all day. We have a reverse osmosis system for drinking water because tap water tastes so terrible. It puts out 3 qt of waste water for every qt of good water. I collect that in a rain barrel to use for our backyard plants. Tomatoes like the extra concentration of minerals in that water. We also put in ultra low flush Toto toilets, which actually work well. My neighbor collects water from her washer to use in her garden. Modern detergents are designed to be OK for plants.

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@janbb Use the soapy water when your garden gets too fresh.

@Forever_Free You have an outhouse?

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@WhyNow I actually have two. Its a piece of property on the top of a mountain. I just build a new one last year because the other one was built ages ago and lets just say needed a new hole. I haven’t tipped the old one over yet.

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