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Give Amazon my hand print?

Asked by zenvelo (39467points) September 8th, 2022
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The office building where I work has an Amazon Go store in it. With the Amazon app on my phone, I can get a QR code, get recorded as I walk through the gate, choose what I want, and walk out the door. Amazon automatically tallies what I bought and charges me.

They also have Amazon One, which will record my palm print, and in the future I hold my hand to the reader, and it automatically connects to my account, no need to pull out my phone.

A local Whole Foods has installed Amazon One readers, so I can use my hand print to buy my groceries. I haven’t enrolled my hand yet, but am thinking about it.

Would you sign up for this? I figure the government already has my biometric data.

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Never. I do not even use the fingerprint reader on my phone, let alone the facial recognition.

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I am perfectly fine with this. While I may forget my wallet or my phone when I am out, I won’t forget my hands. Nor will someone steal my identity or my credit cards.

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I’m not sure. On the one hand, it’s giving you freedom from hauling your purse around. On the other hand, it feels like freedom is being taken away. I’m just not sure.

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Think of this: Anyone can force you to unlock whatever device in question against your will.
They can force your hand and your finger on the reader. They can hold the phone in front of your face.
They can not easily force you to enter your password.

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@ragingloli What is your point? How often does what you mention really occur?

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Because it is Amazon, no, I wouldn’t. I do some business with Amazon, but they are, in no way, big enough in my life for all that. The absolute reliance on systems that can (and often are) hacked, bugs me. I have no illusions about privacy anymore, but a little bit of resistance seems prudent.

But then, I still pay my bills by check.

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I still pay mine by check, too.

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I do not know the prevalence, but with the sheer amount of possible transgressors, be it the common robber or thief, the upcoming wave of brown shirts, the cops, or TSA, the mere possibility of it happening should be enough to convince you.

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Absolutely *(#$ing not!

(And no, the government does not have my hand print, either.)

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@ragingloli Convinced of what? I could win the lottery too. That doesn’t mean it occurs. Facts please.

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I pay 1 bill by check. It’s the utility bill. I give it to Rick and he runs it over to the city office. I want him to feel the pain too.
The rest are on autopay or I call them in.

I’m with @chyna. Ambivalent.

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I am mostly all-digital all the time, including a fingerprint reader on my phone. But I do not give fingerprint access to my banking apps & password manager.

A brick & mortar store biometric ID would be OK with me. Terrorists are welcome to sever my hand and buy all the Whole Foods products they desire with it.

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I’m not sure.

I pay my bills by auto pay, pulled from my bank account or posted to my credit card but I am not one for using Venmo, Paypal or payment apps on my phone. I also don’t use debit cards.

I’m kind of leery of getting hacked so I try to minimize ways for hackers to take my money.

There’s going to be an Amazon store opening not far from me. It’s been in the works for over a year, and it appears to be built but not opened yet. Not sure what the delay is.

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Why don’t you use debit cards @jca2

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For one thing, debit cards are not covered under the same protections as credit cards, for example disputing a charge, @Dutchess_III. Also, some places charge fees for using debit cards but not credit cards (depending on the laws of the state or County).

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Glad Kansas doesn’t have those problems .

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@Dutchess_III: Credit cards have better fraud protections, help you build a credit history and other things:

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