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Can you juggle three or more balls?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) September 11th, 2022
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I want to learn how to juggle and wondered if any one here knows how to do it. It looks fun and it may help me concentrate and learn to stay focused on a single task.

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For a short while, then it falls apart. People say to start with scarves since they fall slower and you can learn the repetition. It just takes practice.

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I used to but only a short time, my youngest son can; four is his max.

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3 is my max. That took long enough, and I didn’t have the inclination to try more.

I’m not sure about the benefits of juggling for focus. You might try meditation for that.

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I am a pro with one.

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@rebbel You’re on! :)

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Three, yes. And I’d agree that it can help you focus. I recommend the book “Juggling for the Complete Klutz”.

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I shall try that but the video I found seems to cover it quite well :)

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I don’t have time to look at the video right now, but here’s my top tips:

1) find balls that are heavy, at least mandarin orange weight
2) the balls should not roll – hence, the cube-shapes are best
3) practise over your bed as you’ll be dropping them all the time
4) practise every day, but not too long
5) books under your arms can help you keep your hands close
6) practising facing a wall helps with stance
7) don’t underestimate the value of imagining the perfect toss and catch without a ball anywhere around – this helps your brain learn

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@longgone That sounds just like the stuff in that video. She covers all that and coming from you must be correct. I am gonna get me the right kind of balls and start asap :)

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Nope. Wouldn’t even attempt it. Don’t want to make myself look like an idiot. Lol

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@Nomore_Tantrums I think I’m getting used to that so…no problem for me :)

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Someone asked a similar Q back in 2009. Many suggestions are similar to above; however, one suggested that you Just Google “Juggling Tips” and start with rolled up socks. You throw the ball or sock at an angle rather than straight up. This would probably give you a pretty good idea on how well it helps you concentrate

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@LadyMarissa Yes I’m gonna try it I do think I will be able to focus and stay on task much better with practice. I get so sidetracked. I have a short attention span and I wan to work on getting that better.

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I can juggle 3 balls. I don’t necessarily think it’s good for focus, however. @Kropotkin is correct that meditation is an actual exercise that can strengthen focus.

What I found fascinating about learning to juggle is that you almost can’t focus on it all. You have to practice until it becomes muscle memory. Shortly after learning, I realized that I could have full conversations with people while juggling. And at no point was I saying, “ok, now I need to catch this ball and throw up the other one”. I wasn’t even really looking. The catches and throws happen at the periphery of vision and consciousness. Turning attention to the motion invariably caused me to fail and drop them all.

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@hat Wouldn’t I have to focus on what I was doing while I was learning?

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Yes. But that would only last for a brief time. Part of the process of learning would be let go of the focus.

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Since I was a kid. I moved up to empty beer bottles in college.
Then I moved up to juggling dates once I was out of college.
I still will do the balls and bottles. Chainsaws are out.

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” Chainsaws are out.” Haha I should hope so :)

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I can juggle 3. I learned standing against my bed so that they wouldn’t fall and roll away if I missed any. Start with 1, then 2, then 3.

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^^ I will but I forgot to get my balls today while we were out. Maybe I’ll order some tonight.

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Bean bag style balls roll a lot less than tennis balls. That helps a lot when you are learning – more practice, less chasing. Bean bag style has nice weight, which prevents you from accidentally tossing them too high.

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^^ Thank you for the tip. Yeah chasing them everywhere would wear me out.

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